August 28, 2018

Airport bust up, arrest just blogs sensationalism, says Jim Iyke

Airport bust up, arrest  just blogs sensationalism, says Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke addressing the protesters

Nollywood superstar actor, Jim Iyke has debunked the reports making rounds that he was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed Airport on Monday following a bust up with a security personnel of Dana Air after having allegedly missed his flight.

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke who spoke exclusively with Vanguard said there was no arrest of any sort, adding that it was mere sensationalism and mischief on the part of mediocre bloggers to get stories out without recourse to proper assessment of situations and thorough investigation.

“There was no arrest. I was running late for a Dana flight. I had a meeting scheduled at Providus Bank. I sent my driver and associates with my luggage ahead.

They did all they could to delay the flight. I arrived terribly late and as my PA made to cross the security with my cabin briefcase he got into a heated argument with the personnel. I got to the scene and consequently missed the flight.

We were all upset and ungentlemanly words were said across both divides. The airport police arrived on the scene and we decided not to make a public fanfare as tempers had died down and we wanted it resolved.

We went to the office downstairs and resolved the matter like civil men in less than 30 mins and apologies were tendered all around.

The same staff were amiable enough to rebook me on the 3.50pm and even ushered me to the plane to exhibit theie goodwill and lack of ill feeling. You must understand that these blogs thrive on sensationalism to attract traffic. Research and proper investigations or even to advocate for the take of both sides seem like an uphill task nowadays.

The only element that holds sway is the obsession to get the news out first at the detriment of the truth and true professionalism, he said, obviously pissed with the way some blogs sensationalized the situation.

“Pulse and had the commendable integrity and character to call first and ask my take. Apparently the others that posted were acting true to their stereotype. I’m an extremely busy man.

‘This incident happened yesterday and both parties ended it on the most congenial of terms anyone else that is so caught up in their feelings to live in my hindsight is welcomed. I’ve pushed the matter to that mental recess that contribute to the lessons of life.

‘Dana handled it professionally and I ended up on the same service back to Abuja to go about my business. All that ends well ends well,” he added.