August 26, 2018

AIB to review its regulations to meet global standard

AIB to review its regulations to meet global standard

TRAGEDY—The crash scene and rescue operations.

Lagos – The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) is set to carry out a review of its existing regulations that will accommodate latest changes in the global aviation industry.

TRAGEDY—The crash scene and rescue operations.

The AIB Commisioner, Mr Akin Olateru, said in Lagos on Sunday that the review would enhance the bureau’s performance especially in the area of incident and accident investigations.

He disclosed that the review exercise will take place before the end of the year.

The commisioner said AIB was determined to ensure that its activities were in conformity with European standards and to continue to retain its position as the leader on the continent.

According to Olateru, the management had already notified stakeholders about its intent to review its existing regulations.

He noted that some of AIB’s existing regulations had become outdated and needed changes which could not be accommodated with the current regulations in use.

Olateru added that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) recently reviewed its Annex 18 to accommodate new developments in the industry, stressing that in order to remain relevant, it would consistently look at its regulations.

He said the bureau’s core mandates were to investigate accident, recommend safety to prevent future occurrence and make aviation safer for business and air travellers, adding that the planned review was part of such processes.

“AIB came into existence in 2007 via the Civil Aviation Act 2006. The regulation was designed to guide how we do things.

“That regulation is outdated, it has to be reviewed. Regulation basically is to guide the stakeholders and to let everybody know how reporting system is done.

“If you look at Annex 18, it has just been reviewed by ICAO. We need to bring our regulations to speed to capture those new areas because you have to constantly review how you do things for you to stay relevant, if not, you will become outdated.

“It is easier to review regulations than to review the Act. Act is forever. Moreso, the need to review our regulations was part of ICAO findings the last time it audited us,” the commissioner said in statement.

According to him, ICAO observed that there were lots of gaps in the current regulations which has necessitated a review.

“As a responsible organisation, you have to constantly put your regulations, processes, systems and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to test to make sure there is still life and they are still going to work in accordance to your objectives.

“And if you find any gaps, you need to review and make it alive,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that AIB had in February 2016 carried out a similar exercise in Lago, which improved its activities and duties especially on accident and incident investigations. (NAN)