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10 Powerful powers of pornography, even in church

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By Dr. Francis Akin-John

  1. THE lure of porno-graphy builds on natural desires. God has created us to be sexual beings, and He gave us clear parameters for sexual expression.

Those desires rightly ex-pressed are a beauty of marriage; those same de-sires under the influence of the Enemy, however, can be distorted and da-maging.

In either case, the desires seldom go away.

  1. Our exposure to por-nography is often early. To be honest, I cannot remember the first time I saw pornography. I know I was apparently so young that I can’t re-call not seeing it. Early exposure leaves images in our head that never fully go away.
  2. The sin can now be even more private. In my days, pornography use required going to the convenience store, quietly asking for the magazine behind the counter, and hiding it quickly in a paper bag. Computer access now erases much of that need for “sneaking” around.
  3. “Soft” porn has become acceptable. When we allow ourselves to watch stuff that we know crosses God’s line––even though it may not qualify as XXX-rated material— we only open the door for the Ene-my to press his way into our lives. He does not miss those opportuni-ties.
  4. Pornography use has become expected. More than one study has shown that pornography use is pervasive, even among church leaders. I have even seen church accoun-tability groups where everyone failed the pre-vious week—and failure becomes almost the acc-epted norm.
  5. Pornography can only create desire, not quench it. Ungodly approaches to meet real needs simply cannot meet those needs. Indeed, pornography only makes you crave more of that which can never fully satisfy. That unmet longing leads only to idolatry and addiction.
  6. Pornography allows pleasure without the hard work of relationships and commitment. Relation-ships take effort. Our in-dividualistic, hedonistic culture wants the fun without the tough work, and pornography makes that possible—or at least we convince ourselves it does.

If you are struggling with pornography, I encourage you to talk to someone. Pray especially that your Christian family, friends, and children will not fall under the power of this sin.

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