Facing The Ka'aba

July 19, 2018

Religious bodies must unite to address Nigeria’s problems — ASONWA

By Haroon Balogun
Religious institutions and groups in the country have been told to justify their relevance in the body polity by being proactive in addressing the multiple challenges facing the nation rather than complicating them.

The Alasalatu Society of Nigeria and West Africa (ASONWA), Abeokuta in a statement signed by its Secretary-General, Alh Kamaldeen Akintunde, decried the rivalry between the two main religions as unwarranted and uncalled for.

The group noted that both religions advocate love, peace, harmony, unity, urging their adherents to embrace the tenets and teachings of their faith as provided in their Scriptures.

It stated that their doctrinal differences should not cause disaffection as there is no compulsion of religions, adding that the country’s legal system grants free practice of faith.

ASONWA however underscored fair play attitude, justice, equity, honesty, and righteousness as being imperative to achieving peaceful coexistence, national cohesion and unity. It therefore urged nation’s leaders to embrace the aforementioned virtues as an approach to ensuring good governance and national unity.

The group further enjoined government to institute more drastic actions against hate speeches, selfish desires, seperatist tendencies, hostilities and all forms of disunity that may constitute threat to the enthronement of the next republic.

It enjoined regional interest groups to pursue a pragmatic, realistic, genuine and national – oriented goals than parochial motives liable to undermine Nigeria’s much cherished unity and progress. It charged the militia and warring groups in the country to stop being dreadful and embrace dialogue, just it implored government to address genuine and legitimate concerns about restructuring as a realistic and pragmatic approach to achieving a united Nigeria.