July 3, 2018

Otedola Bridge tanker fire: NGO lauds Lagos govt over survivors medical bills

Otedola bridge

The vehicles caught in the petrol tanker fire on the Otedola bridge in Lagos

The vehicles caught in the petrol tanker fire on the Otedola bridge in Lagos

By Gabriel Olawale

LAGOS—A Non-Governmental Organisation has applauded the decision of the Lagos State Government to write-off the medical expenses of victims of tanker explosion last Thursday on Otedola Bridge who are currently recuperating in various hospitals.

“This singular effort by government of taking full responsibility for the treatment of these survivors struggling to recover emotionally and physically is commendable and heartwarming”, a statement by the Coalition for Good Governance and Economic Justice in Africa said on Monday.

“Accident victims are vulnerable persons no matter how rich, powerful or poor the individual may be. We are glad government knows they could face significant medical bills especially for people who do not have health insurance.

“Medical expenses are astronomical these days and this you are not likely to notice until you visit the hospital”, the group’s Country Director, Mayaki said.

According to Mayaki, “my visit to the hospital recently was an eye opener as a lot of victims could die  because of inability to pay medical bills as low as N2,500 and as such, it is heartwarming to hear that a responsible and responsive government like the one in Lagos State has shifted the burden of cost from victims to government.

“I raised this issue on Sunday among other well-meaning Nigerians who visited these victims on the possibility of government writing off the bills but not so many bought into it arising from citizen’s contempt for government but this singular action of the Lagos State Government has buoyed and increased our confidence in governance”, he said.