July 12, 2018

Nigerian youths must stop blaming leaders – Adefuye

By Oboh Agbonkhese
agos—Senator  Anthony Adefuye has urged youths to get politically active and stop blaming the leadership for their woes and other challenges facing the country.

Speaking to newsmen at the Fr. Denis Slattery 15th memorial and awards at St. Denis Catholic Church, Bariga, Lagos, Senator Adefuye said: “Youths blame their failures on the country’s leadership. It has to stop. They should be involved.

“If you are all active, it will be difficult for somebody to steal $20 billion. Those days, it was almost impossible to steal even £1,000. No we all complain but are involved in the stealing going on.

“For somebody to steal $20 billion in Nigeria, many institutions like banks, people and family members, are involved. Otherwise it would be impossible.”

Adefuye, the Baba Ijo of St. Denis Catholic Church, revealed that although Fr. Denis Slattery died abroad 15 years ago at 87, there are plans to exhume his body and bring him to Nigeria for burial, as he wrote in his will that he would want to be buried in Nigeria.

Earlier, Rev. Fr. Raymond Adebowale of Abeokuta Catholic Diocese, in his homily, charged Nigerian leaders to emulate the late Fr. Slattery, who led a good life and valued humanity.

Also speaking, Mrs. Mary Adebowale, Proprietress of Brilliant Child Private Schools, one of the awardees and founding parishioner of St Denis, told Vanguard that youths are no longer as dedicated as they used to be.

Her words: “We worked with passion and love, and not for money. But today, mothers have over-pampered children, leading to any youths preferring shortcuts.”