The Chancellor of leading Islamic online University, IOU, Sheikh  Dr Bilal Philips has charged Muslim School owners to see their schools as Ibadaat rather than business.  This he said would ensure that pupils and students get proper Islamic education and become good citizens.

Dr Philips stated this while delivering a lecture during one-day seminar for Muslim school owners and Teachers organized by Penckers International School in conjunction with Islamic Online University, held in Isolo, Lagos recently.

“Until the founder of Muslim Schools do not target gain or intend it as business and until they turn to see their schools as ibadaat rather than business, we cannot achieve real Islamic school.  aThe intention for setting up the school must be right from the beginning and if at a point the owner realizes he had to make it ibadaat, it is better.  But it must be sustainable.”

He charged participants to Islamise their lesson plans with the view to inculcating moral values, knowledge of the deen and clearing all doubts and misconceptions about Islam, adding that this will produce  the desired change for a better society.

Dr Bilal identified five principles toward achieving Islamisation of the Lesson plans in all Muslim schools as taking control of the classroom environment; making use of Islamic historical relevant issues to drive home a point; using  Quran verses to explain a point in any subject; following the practice of the Prophet, (s.a.w) as well as giving moral messages as enshrined in the Quran and Hadiths.

He blamed lack of understanding the message of the Quran on system of “Parroting the Quran in Ramadan.” “Most Muslims want to finish reading the Quran in the month of Ramadan cover to cover without grasping the real message.  That is Parroting the Quran, it is only what you say to a parrot that it says back to you.”

“We have to make a change if we are going to raise children with good character and high moral values that will change the world. This can be done through education,” he stated.

Dr Bilal Philips was born a Christi an in Jamaica.  He accepted Islam, Studied in Madinah and became a Scholar teaching Muslims Islam all over the world. He founded Islamic Online University, Tuition free, with over 400,000 students spread across the world learning Islam.



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