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MADUBUKO: My story of ruin, redemption, triumph

By Charles Kumolu

THIS tale is about doom, redemption and victory over the forces of darkness. It gives a rich insight into the life of Apostle Anslem Madubuko, who was the opposite of what he is currently until he got to a turning point 35 years ago. 

As he attains the age of 60 today, the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church, counts and names his blessings.


My childhood:

I had an Ajebo childhood. We lived in the Government Reserved Area, GRA, Enugu. My father was the Registrar of College of Technology, Enugu. He retired as the Chief Inspector of Education in the old Anambra State. We had parents who loved us so much. We had a very robus and advantaged background. We didn’t suffer at all.

I had a protected background before, during and after the war. I was always around home. I attended schools in Enugu. I used two Volkswagen Bettles when I was in school. I never lacked for one day.  I feel the same at 60. I don’t feel different. I had looked forward to the day I will wake up one morning and feel 60. Surprisingly, I still feel the way I have been feeling for many years.

Towards the wrong direction

The main thing I can remember now was when I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1983. That was a major turning point for me because, until that year, I was on the fast lane.  I was a Disc Jockey, DJ, architecture student, Director of Social at 18 in University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. In my final year, I became the Capone of the Pyrates Confraternity. I was heading towards the wrong direction. I was a Master Mason. My late father initiated me into the Lodge at 21.

I was a bad boy. I never knew I would graduate because I didn’t take my studies seriously. I was into a lot of things while on campus. But God showed me mercy. I graduated well and found myself in Chief Tom Ikimi’s architectural firm in Lagos.

I never knew him. I walked into his office as a young man and told him that I liked his firm. I asked if I could join the firm. He asked about my identity and I told him I was a fresh graduate. That was how I joined him. I did my National Youth Service Corps Primary Assignment with him and worked there for many years. When I was doing my service, I met someone, who talked to me about Jesus.

I knew I was gone

When I was at the university I was too bad that nobody could talk to me. Everybody including myself knew I was going to hell. As far as they were concerned I was gone and I knew I was gone too. God showed me mercy by sending the young man, who was an undergraduate then. He came from the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, for his internship at the firm I was working.

He was the vessel that God used to speak to me about the love of Jesus for the first time. I was on the verge of joining the Eckankar. I read a book by Paul Twitchell and was inspired to join. I knew they had an office at Ojuelegba and had planned to go. But I kept on procrastinating until I met this young man, who talked to me about Jesus. And everything changed when I was 25. The news was like a bad one for anyone who knew me during my six years in the university. And everything changed. The Bible says for anyone who is new in Christ, old things shall pass away and every other thing shall become new. I saw it happen in my life because everything about me changed. My appetite for women, cigarette, beer and other things died overnight. All I wanted was Church, Bible, and Jesus. That was how my life changed. The major thing that happened to me was when I found Jesus.

Women, beer, partying

I was looking for something that was why I got attracted to Eckankar. There was this vacuum in me which was not filled by women, beer, partying, Lodge, and Pyrates. I decided that I will join Eckankar thinking that it will fill it. But when I met Jesus it was Eureka and Jesus filled it. Since then, I have never looked for anything. What I was looking for, was found in Christ. All I am looking for now is more of him.

Transition from doom to redemption

My transition was instant. It didn’t take a process. It was like day and night. I was living with a girl in my house at that time. I left her in the house when I was going to work, I got born again at the office and by the time I came back, I was a different person. I told her to leave that I had given my life to Christ. She thought I was kidding. She thought I had found another girl and just wanted to chase her away. I just saw that I was wasting my life all along. I thought I was smart.  Everything was going for me on campus. I had a car, I had money and was with a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Tom Ikimi, a successful architect, and I found favour with him. It was just like there was no end to the fast lane because life looked good. But all of a sudden I found Christ. I knew that I was not going to be an architect anymore. I knew that was the end of the practice that I love so much.

My rights as a first son

Things began to fall in place. Some people thought I was mad, including my father. We were Catholics.  When my late father learned that I was now born again and carrying Bible, he wrote a letter to me through his lawyer, disowning me as his son. I responded by thanking him and asking God to bless him. I didn’t try to explain. All I did was to pray for him. I am thanking God that he accepted Jesus and my calling before he died. It was not easy.

My friends at first said I had gone crazy. Some even said I started going to church in order to get a woman in the church. I was not bothered because I knew something happened to me and it was real. I was not faking it. I was not trying to deceive anyone. Something was now living in me and directing my life completely because I asked Jesus to take over my life.

I used to smoke Captain Black in those days, but till today I have not  tasted it again. That was something I was addicted to. Everything happened just like that. Only God could have done that. And when those, who knew me,  see me now, they always say that truly there is God. I always tell people that if God can use me, he can use anybody. God still loves a bad boy.

 Leslie’s room

I was not in any church when I got born again in August 1983. I went to the old churches then, I didn’t feel at home until I walked into Dr. Tunde Joda’s Christ Chapel. I spent three and half years there. From there I proceeded to the Household of God because Okotie was my friend in school and I helped him to receive Christ. I didn’t plan to be a Pastor.

He went to a Bible School in America and came back to start his church. I got him born again in August 1983, in November God sent me to Enugu Campus where I graduated. I was sent back to the female hostel where I lived. It was like a joke. God said I should go and see Leslie Obiora, who later became the Minister of Solid Minerals in the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

While I was walking to Leslie’s room, all the girls were peeping from their windows and were surprised because they heard that I got born again. They also heard that I wear white and don’t wear shoes. They heard funny things about me. But they saw someone, who was wearing jeans and a silk shirt. They all followed me to Leslie’s room and Leslie asked what happened to me. I told her my story. She asked if I could come back the next day so that people will hear my story.

First baptism of evangelism

I picked up a paper and wrote that they should come and hear my testimony in Leslie’s room the next day. I didn’t know God was planning something. The next day when I got to Leslie’s room, there was no space because all the real women who made Enugu Campus were gathered. We had to appeal to the Porter to allow us to use the Lounge because we had more than 100 women.

(To be continued)




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