By Nwafor Sunday

Angered by the statement credited to Shehu Sani , the senator representing Kaduna central, Lauretta Onochie, social media aide to president Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday took a swipe at Sani, saying that he is an ‘APC disappointment’ that will fall inside the red sea with his cohorts.

Recall that Sani had said via his facebook handle that “We the persecuted are on Exodus, riding on horses, chariots and caravans, departing Pharaoh Thutmose’s Egypt; we are now at the coast of the Red Sea, about to leave the land of cruelty and injustice.”

“When the future generation asks the question what happened to the loot, they will read that it was recovered. And when they asked what happened to the recovered loot, they will read that it was shared to people known to people in power.”

But reacting to the above statements, Onochie said the following:


Senator Shehu Musa, an APC disappointment, spoke about him and his co-travellers, going on horses, Chariots and Caravans as they go through the Red Sea to a storm in the CUPP.

Here are ordinary Nigerians from Kwara State. These are the people that propelled Pres. Muhammadu Buhari to delve into politics.

They have no horses, Chariots, nor Caravans. All they need are the basic things of life. And this government, which Shehu Musa and his cohorts have tried to frustrate, is doing what it can, to put food on the tables of these members of Buhari’s constituency in Kwara State.

Policies of former governments under PDP, ensured that the Shehu Musas of this nation, ride on Horses, Chariots and Caravans at the expense of the poor masses.

But the Conditional Cash Transfer not only pay out ₦5000 a month, beneficiaries acquire skills for sustainable living.

The qualification to benefit is “Poverty Stricken”, not political, ethnic nor religious considerations.

These poor and vulnerable people have what Sen. Shehu Musa and his co-travellers do not have- Large Number.

They have their weapon- PVCs.

They are waiting to watch the horses and their riders fall into the sea.

Those who survive the Red Sea ordeal, will perish in the wilderness.

We will follow our President as he leads us into the Promised Land. Nigerians shall have the last laugh.


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