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DELTA 2019: Egogo Enifome, the man whom the cap fits

Engr. Egogo Lawrence Enifome

By Gabriel Choba

Among all the aspirants of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) vying for the Delta State House of Assembly seat for Isoko South Constituency ll, Engr. Egogo Lawrence Enifome is a man whose pedigree has what it takes to become  a resourceful legislator in the state.

Investigation has revealed that the people of Isoko South Constituency ll this time around are not losing sleep over the search for a best State House of Assembly representative on the platform of the PDP to represent them at the hallowed chamber in the forthcoming general election.

Therefore, it is expedient to showcase Engr. Egogo Lawrence Enifome whom his people has found so many qualities and chosen for the Delta State House of Assembly’s position of Isoko South Constituency II.

He is a bonafide member of the PDP, hails from Aviara Community, Ward 03 in Isoko South Constituency ll. He is an engineer of reputable character and a consultant to different state governments across the country. He  has companies in two different continents,(Europe and African).

The coming of Egogo Lawrence Enifome into the state  House of Assembly will speedily put to rest the issues of ‘no government presence, no standard market, non empowerment of the youths, no presence of industries and no programme to encourage primary education.

His vision and insight has inspired the Isoko South constituents to throw their weight behind him and even gained their trust over time; and the outcome of his consultations so far has shown that when given the mandate to represent his people at the DTHA, he will definitely perform his lawmaking business and fulfill all electioneering promises to his people.

He has made the people to feel safe because he is ready to do the little things that matter to them and has taken it to be of utmost priority. He has improved himself in all ramifications to serve the people locally and Internationally.

Egogo Lawrence Enifome’s actions speak louder than his words. He his indeed the people’s choice and this is the major reason why his constituents has chosen him for better representation.

The positive responses during his consultations across the wards and stakeholders shows that his people are looking forward to having a technocrat as their legislator.

Therefore, it is time for the leaders and stakeholders of Isoko South Constituency ll to give a technocrat with visionary leadership qualities and a man that has the pains of his people at heart the opportunity to be their representative at the  Delta State House of Assembly come 2019; and Engr. Egogo Lawrence Enifome is the man whom the cap fits…

  • Choba, a media analyst, writes from Warri, Delta State.


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