July 14, 2018

Come back, follow your ancestral paths, Eziokwu Chineke Gadi tells Igbo

Come back, follow your ancestral paths, Eziokwu Chineke Gadi tells Igbo

Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

By Nwafor Sunday

Worried by incessant killings, bloodbaths and alleged marginalization of Igbo in the country, a vocal and radical traditionalist, Eziokwu Chineke Gaadi, on Saturday charged Igbo all over the world to return back to status quo ante bellum, meaning to come back to their original way of life, worship and tradition, noting that their ancestors are the only one that can free them from their bondage.

Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

Speaking to newsmen immediately after his evangelism, Ezeokwu Chineke said that no race can survive without their ancestor. He went further to give examples of races that have stood with their ancestors and how progressive those races have become.

In his words, “I am ofomaonyejiya Nduka, aka “Eziokwu Chineke Gadi” meaning that the truth of most high (chiukwuokike) must be’.

“I am not a Christian because I can’t borrow what I have. So I have an ‘ancestral spirituality’ which is the greatest for me. A son is not made to be a slave.

“I am a traditional promoter and Evangelizer of Igbo/African Tradition, culture, custom and spirituality.

“I was a Christian Evangelist and pastor of various churches before I changed to a core traditionalist.

“We have been able to organize traditional Evangelization in various communities, telling our people the need to return to our ancient religion by what we tagged “Restoration Evangelization, promotion, Of Odinala/Omenala Ndigboo” (REPOON) through ‘Eziokwu Chineke Gadi Traditional Outreach”.

Narrating how he was transformed, Eziokwu Chineke said, “Agwu nshi visited me one night after my pastoral ordination. In my dream, I saw myself in traditional regalia, educating mammoth crowd on the need to come back to our ancestral path.

“I spoke to my fellow Christians about the dream, but they told me that my ancestral spirits want to highjack my Christian gift.

“Finally I left Christianity when I was made to know by my “Chi” and Ndi ichie (great Ancestors) that Christianity is a slave religion not meant for me as the son of the land. So the only true way I can relate to nature is odinala /omenala Ndigbo.

“I so much believe in my tradition because natural-ancestral-spirituality is the only place our people can enjoy all kinds of freedom.

“The maker of the universe endowed every race their survival qualities or instincts. It is only in Africa that the God of the Aliens reigns Supreme.

“If you check the Indians, their God looks Indian and they call it Krishna, the Chinese Buddha, the Japanese Shinto, the Arabs Alla, the Jews Yahweh and Europeans Jesus Christ. You can see that every race have their peculiar way of reaching the most high.

“Remember when you use the right formula for a mathematics you get the right answer. So our people are using wrong formula that is why they are unable to solve their equations.

“I want to tell our people that they should understand that no race in the world can be successful without their fathers.

“Our people should stop calling other foreign Ancestors to help or pray for them. Every race has ancestors to call upon, they should also return to their ancient path so that abomination (premature death) will stop in our land.

“Most people are afraid of the restoration of our tradition because they don’t want equity and justice which our tradition is known for.

“The greatest thing that brings salvation is truth. Our tradition was made for us to fellow by the most high himself, ‘Chiukwu’.

“When we work in accordance with our tradition, we will definitely enjoy peace, equity productive land, long live, long lasting marriage, security, justices, love etc”, he finally said.