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July 24, 2018 to revolutionise estate planning in Nigeria

L-R: Babatunde Adegbite, Chief Ecosystem Officer_ Oduntan Balogun, Chief Technology Officer_ Luqman Balogun,Chief Executive Officer_ Adaeze Anaekwe, Head of Marketing Communications and Odunayo Williams, Chief Operating Officer

By Emmanuel Okogba, an estate planning platform with special focus on inheritance and estate planning is poised to help Nigerians, irrespective of social class, ethnicity, religion and other factors, arm themselves with a well-planned strategy on how to face and overcome the uncertainties, risks and challenges associated with the execution of Will.

As a one-stop online platform that provides estate planning solutions for subscribers to securely create, update and schedule the execution of their wills and other testamentary instruments including Deed of Gifts in real time, they are saddled with the major mission of simplifying estate planning for every Nigerian.

Speaking with journalists recently in Lagos, the team made it clear that the platform is accessible from all locations and at all times. It enables testators appoint guardians for their children and aged parents, appoint trustees, witnesses and executors on the platform.

The distinctive benefits of a Carrot subscriber is that he/she gets a N1 million Personal Life Insurance cover and a N100,000 Medical Expense Cover from Royal Exchange Assurance Plc. and Leadway Insurance Plc for a one time fee of N35,000.

According to  Odunayo Willaims, Chief Operating Officer of, the idea is to completely erase the impression that only rich people should have a Will.

“ helps families break through the perceived challenges of securing and protecting their families’ financial future. It overcomes the difficulty, costs, and isolation that most people experience while trying to complete essential legal and financial tasks. The platform also enables customers to make a legal and valid will, purchase a health, life, travel and unemployment benefits insurance and organise inventory of assets “, he further explained.