July 14, 2018

BREAKING: 51 Year Old Kogi Man Reveals How SUGAR & A 2900 Year Old Herbal Diabetes Therapy From Asia Reversed His Type 2 Diabetes In 57 Days


NEW DIABETES DISCOVERY – 51 Year Old Kogi Man Reveals How SUGAR & A 2000 Year Old Herbal Diabetes Therapy From Asia Reversed His Type 2 Diabetes In 57 Days

And How You Can Get It In The NEXT 2 Hours After Reading This To The End

Dear Friend

My name is Desmond Shobowale, a health researcher/enthusiast and what I’m about to reveal to you is indeed shocking and unheard of.

I USED SUGAR (Yes, The White One You Use To Soak Garri With Groundnut) & A 2900 Year Old 100% Herbal Diabetes Therapy From Asia to reverse my type 2 diabetes in 57 days.

And I discovered this after 5 years of battling with it after using:

– More Expensive Drugs

– Avoiding Sugary Foods & All That Like Most Doctors Do Say

– Using Tons Of Insulin Injections

– Drinking Local Bitter Concotions called “Agbo”

Infact, after reading it, you might want to contact my hotline immediately via WhatsApp or SMS or Call, so here is my number: 08020597107

If you or someone you know has type 2 diabetes and you are avoiding taking sugar or sugary foods because you are afraid of high blood sugar…

…my dear, you are killing yourself faster.

I know this sounds almost UNBELIEVEABLE.

In fact, you are already avoiding these sugary foods as your doctor has advised… However, you are DYING SLOWLY without your knowledge.

But If You Read This To The End, I Will Show You A SIMPLE METHOD To Prove What I’m Saying And…

…how I Used It To Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes In Just 57 Days.

I Know This Sounds Very Bad And I Know You Maybe A Little Angry Or Upset That I’m Saying This. But…

….If You Can Just Read To The End, It Might Just Save Your Life!

Here Is Why…

7 Years Ago, My Elder Brother Just Dropped Dead After A Midnight Crisis, Right After Watching A Football Match…

He Had Type 2 Diabetes & The Drugs He Used Initially Give Him High Blood Pressure.

At That Night, He Was Hale, Hearty, Then Suddenly… BAM! He Was Struggling To Breathe…

…In A FEW Minutes, HE WAS DEAD!

And According To My Good Friend and Family Doctor, Dr-Dee Michaels, Who Is Specialized In Diabetes For Over 13 Years, Revealed That He Was Killed By Low Blood Sugar & All That Was Needed To Save Him At That Time Was To…

…Take A Spoon Of Sugar…

…And Days Prior To His Death, He Was Asking For A Soft Drink Repeatedly Because He Craved For It!

Sounds Confusing Right?

Yeah, It Was That Complicated Until Dr Dee Explained It To Me.

However I Will Try To Let You Understand It, Just Read Carefully…

It Is Actually Very Simple.

When One Takes In Sugar Or Any Sugar Foods Or Fruits, The Body Metabolism Converts The Sugar To Energy For The Body To Use.

However As One With Diabetes, He Or She Is Advised Not To Take Anything Sugary…

But Here Is The Bad Thing…

Once You Stop Taking Any Form Of Sugar Totally, Your Body Stops Getting Any Source Of Energy…

According To Health Experts, whether one has diabetes or not, a healthy diet can include some sugar, probably about 20 to 35 grams of sugar a day.

In layman’s term, a teaspoon of sugar has about 4 grams of sugar. A candy bar can easily have 30 grams sugar, and a can of sugar-sweetened soda or soft drinks has around 40 grams of sugar.

I didn’t make this up at all. You can see the research source as it puts it in the picture below;

That Is Why When You Go On A Diet That Contains Very Little Sugar Or No Sugar, You Feel Kind Of Healthy But You Find Yourself Not Having Enough Energy To Do The Things You Love.

The Little Energy You Get When Used Up, Makes You Feel Like You Have Trekked For Hours Carrying A Bag Of Cement…

But Here Is Where It Gets Worse…

Your Body Starts Looking For Fuel To Give You Energy, From Your Own Body!

In a simple term…

Your Body Starts EATING YOU, To Keep YOU Alive…

It is like one eating his or her flesh like bread, LITERALLY!

Can you imagine how disgusting that can be? UGHH

But That Is Where The Real Problem Begins…

– You Suddenly Start Looking Pale And Lean, Reducing Your Weight Drastically.

– You Also Notice That Your EyeSight Is Really Getting Bad & The Drugs You Are Taking Are Making It Worse

– Overtime, if care is not taken, you can get an injury (especially on your legs) than can’t be healed, and before you know it, the leg has to be amputated.

And if you are the type that has really stubborn fat, you won’t look sick. You might have one of these crises that can happen suddenly and if care is not taken, you might lose your life…

…This is what happened to my elder brother.

So How Do You Know That Your Blood Sugar Is Becoming Too Low?

The First Sign Is That, You Start Feeling Seriously & Unusually Weak Even Though You Are On Diet, Using Drugs & Insulin Shots…

Second is that, You Have This Unusual And Very Strong Craving For Sugary Foods.

If You Are Still Agile, You On The Safe Side. But If You Are Still Very Weak Despite Following Your Diet, Taking Your Insulin Shots and Drugs…

…Then You Need To Use The 3 Step Energy Boost Formula Dr-Dee Showed Me, On Yourself Right Now.

Once You Do This Energy Boost Formula And You Notice A Boost In Your Energy Levels, Then You Know Your Sugar Is Too Low And Your Daily Diet has To Include Bits Of Sugar Or Sugary Foods

So Here It Is;

1. Take Half Spoon Of Sugar And Mix It With A Glass Of Water. Drink It In the Morning Before Or After Your Food. But If You Are Afraid Of Using Sugar, Then Take Fruit Like Banana First Thing In The Morning.

2. Take Any Blood Sugar Reducing Therapy (Not Insulin Shots or Drugs Because They Will Flush It Away). This Automatically Helps You To Reduce The Sudden Rush Of Sugar Into Your Blood.

3. Do A 10 Minutes Exercise To Sweat Out A Little. This Will Enable You Gear Up Your Body To Receive Energy For The Day.

If You Do This Energy Boost Formula but You Still Notice That You Still Feel Weak After 2 Days, Then You Are Close To Having A Crisis And You Need To Either See a Doctor Fast Or Start A New Treatment.

For Numbers 1 and 3 above, you can easily get them. But how do you get Item number 2, the Natural Blood Sugar Reducing Therapy?

Here Is The One I Used, Which Was Recommended To Me By Dr Dee Michaels…

This Natural Sugar Balance Therapy Tea is a herbal tea specially blended in the People’s Republic of China, right inside the prestigious laboratory regulated and certified by the China Food And Drug Administration (CFDA).

The major ingredient of this therapy called “Cyclocarya Paliurus”, is a 2,900 years old has and still being used in Ancient Chinese herb to lower sugar levels & protects the taker from having diabetes.

When Dr Dee actually recommended it to me, I was starting to doubt her expertise because you and I know that most things from China, are usually inferior.

She claimed that she has been using it for her clients with positive results…

She even showed me testimonies of people who have been using it. See them below…

However, she allowed me to do my personal research because she knew that I loved doing research before taking any medications.

So I went out there to dig and know if TRULY it works, and what I discovered was totally mind blowing…

“Renowned Medical Websites even know this very Powerful Herb Works Like Magic For Diabetes.”

Check out what one of these top websites said about this herb…

So immediately, I called Dr Dee and placed order for 4 packs

Now, one pack ORIGINALLY costs $49.97 which is about N17,989 and 4 packs which would last me for 2 months is $49.97 x 4=> $199.88.

If convert to Naira, it would amount to about N71,956

And shipping fee from China to Nigeria costs me about N11,700. In total, I spent about N83,656 on getting it into the country.

I picked it up from Dr- Dee after a week time, and immediately I started using it.

The Result?

I Didn’t Feel Any Changes after the First 7 Days.

By Day 13… Nothing Happened. And I complained to Dr Dee that this was just another scam product. But she told me to continue and I would be shocked

Continued I did… And by Day 19, I woke up with a rather strange body full of energy. Though I was still urinating frequently, I noticed that was not feeling weak like I use to.

I continued until Day 49 of taking the Sugar Balance Therapy. Then I decided to take the “PEE” Test deliberately

There was this clay-like mini mountain close to my cassava farm at Ijebu Igbo where I usually find sugar ants.

I urinated right there on the ants that were walking past and stayed there for over 30 minutes to see if they would surround my “SWEET PEE”

To my surprise;


I knew something good is happening…

I came back to Dr Dee for a blood sugar level test on the 57th Day Of using the Sugar Balance Therapy and when the result came and I found out that..

…My Sugar Level Dropped To 197mg From The Usual 513 mg In Just About 57 Days!

In less than 2 weeks after the test results, all the symptoms disappeared totally. I was agile like I use to and…

…was still eating a few sugary foods moderately.

After 5 Years, I Fought Type 2 Diabetes and I Won Using This 3000-Year Old Ancient Therapy!

Now before you rush off and start looking for this herb or therapy, here is something you ought to know;

This therapy cannot be found in Public DRUGSTORES and even if you do, you will end up buying from a person who fakes it.

A patient of Dr-Dee once bought from another source and almost lost his life because it was not working at all. We found out that it was expired and re-packed.

However, I and Dr Dee did more research and found an Authentic Source were I got in contact with the manufacturer of this tea (YES, The Manufacturing Company, Not WholeSaler) and gave us a huge discount.


The Sugar Balance Therapy Tea:

Made with the extremely effective “Cyclocarya Paliurus” herb that is well known to reduce sugar level in the body system, Sugar Balance Tea is a special herbal tea recipe made using ancient tea processing technique combined with the power of today’s modern extraction technology.

The BEST Part Is…
“It’s In Form of Your Popular Lipton & Top Tea So You Can Consume It Easily Without Fear of Side Effects!”

Another good thing is that this Herbal Tea Therapy has undergone several clinical tests and it’s proven to work.

It is also not just recognized by NAFDAC, it is also approved internationally by Halal and GMP. Meaning that it is 100% approved for use whether you are a Muslim or Christian.

Here Is How It Works;

1. It Will Remove Any Toxins Or Residues Of Other Drugs In Your Digestive System, So That Nothing Will Impede Its Effectiveness.

Next …

2. The Special Herb and The Other Ingredients Will Regenerate The Pancreas Gradually By Activating B Cells So That It Can Start Producing Insulin Itself.


3. It Will Build New Cells In Your Immune System To Speed Up Recovery From Damages Already Caused In The Body

And Finally…

4. Reduces & Restore Your Blood Sugar Level To Normal Without Any Insulin Shots Or Drugs

Infact, to simplify how it works in a sentence, it works exactly the way Panadol works when you have a headache.

You simply, get hot water, insert a tea bag in it, wait for 10 – 15mins to dissolve, drink it and it starts its healing job.

When you use this product as instructed, you too can start feeling the soothing relief from 21 days upwards depending on the blood sugar level in your body system.

And What Is More;

It not only helps in reversing your Type 2 Diabetes without any side effects, but also, it can…

-Reducing High Blood Pressure Without Taking Drugs.

-Help In Losing Excess Weight, So That You Feel Healthy And Agile.

-Helps Reduce Wrinkles So That You Look Younger Than Your Age.

-Promote blood circulation of heart and brain, so that you will be free of any symptoms of stroke.

However, This Sugar Balance Therapy Has A Flaw

And that is…


Yes, it is not a magic herb that creates a miracle healing overnight like one who takes malaria drugs and he or she becomes healthy again.


…it is so powerful in reversing your Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

– No matter if you’ve had your disease for decades.

– No matter how old you are.

– No matter if your blood sugar levels are sky-high.


Remember I Bought A Pack For About N18,000 which contains just 40 Tea Bags. So 2 packs which lasts for a month will go for N38,000

But here is the thing; I know YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT NOW.

And I also know that once you leave this page, you might procrastinate about getting it till you eventually forget.

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: We Happened To Have A HUGE DISCOUNT From The Manufacturing Company After Buying 250 Pieces From Them

That is why, we want to will give you a MASSIVE discount right now!


So If You Order This Natural Sugar Balance Therapy Tea In The Next 48 Hours, which will last you more than 30 days, instead of paying N40,000 for them, you will get them for just…


But Here Is Another Super Option

If You Order A 2 Month Treatment In The Next 48 Hours, which will last you up to 60 days, instead of paying N80,000 for them, you will get them for just…


But That Is NOT All!

If You Make Your Order In The Next 24 Hours, I Will Give You The Following FREE GIFTS As An Ardent Vanguard News Online Reader Like me


FREE Shipping and EXPRESS Delivery!

(=N=2,500 to =N=3,000 Value!)

You Dont Have To Pay For Shipping. We Will Pay The Shipping For You.


The 30 Day Nigerian Food Time Table For Diabetics

(N15,000 – N20,000 Value)

This Time Table Contains The Very Foods You Can Find In Nigeria, Not The “Oyibo” Type Of Food..

Dr Dee designed a 30 Meal plan, that has only Nigerian Foods that a Diabetic can eat without problems or fear of high blood sugar level risks.

It Is In A Digital Format (PDF) & We Will Send It To You Via eMail After You Have Collected Your Order


EXCLUSIVE: The “BRAND NEW” High Blood Sugar Level Killer

(N55,000 Value)

We Will Reveal To You Our Surprise FREE Discovery that will make this Ancient 100% Natural Sugar Balance Therapy Tea Work 2X faster!

Meaning that, if it takes 66 days to reduce and restore your health, using the OUR NEW DISCOVERY can make this restoration in 33 days.

See You Will NEVER EVER Get It ANYWHERE In Nigeria And Abroad Because We Discovered IT A FEW DAYS BACK And Tested It With 100% Success!

So To Order Now And Pick Up Yours, Send An SMS or WhatsApp Message With The Code “VG-SBT” To 08020597107:

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See, You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It.

Here Are Testimonies Of Those Who Have Used It And It Has Worked For Them


You showed me the simple solution to my diabetes, and you had the science to back it up.

I thought I’d die of Type 2 diabetes. But now, my blood sugar has dropped so much.

My doctor was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t taken any insulin shot for weeks. He had to test my blood sugar himself to believe it.

The best part is that; I don’t crave for sugary foods like I use to before…

Thanks A Lot”

– Akpan Udoh, Calabar


My Diabetes overwhelmed me.

I was always tired at work, and urinating anyhow.

I’m so glad I found this Natural solution to reverse my Type 2 diabetes.

It’s not like these MLM company products that fly over the Internet.

It’s a proven, practical method to heals the pancreas and get the body to regulate your blood sugar again.

I’m living proof that it works… I haven’t needed diabetes medication for over 3 months!

Everybody with Type 2 diabetes needs to get this now now, so they can reverse they’re diabetes in just a few weeks.”

– Bridget Onuoha, Abuja


My uncle was testing his blood sugar 9 or 10 times every day.

I usually help him inject insulin regularly. He always complained to me that he and a cocaine addict had no difference.

But after I bought him this Natural Diabetes Solution, everything got better.

In three weeks, most of the diabetes symptoms disappeared.

6 weeks into the using the therapy, He used the last insulin shot, he ever needed. That was the last of Diabetes

Thank you for taking away the anxiety and letting my Uncle feel happy again!”

– Adigun, Kogi


My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes four months ago… he had a blood glucose reading of 370.

The doctor put him on metformin — 1,000 mg a day, which brought his blood glucose down to the low 200’s. So the doctor upped his meds to 2,000 mg a day.

One week after using Metformin, he started having serious heartburn and was finding it difficult to breathe.

The doctor had to reduce the dosage back because he also noticed that my husband’s kidneys were failing, as a side effect to the drug

Then a close friend told me about this Natural Diabetes Therapy, and she bought the 2 months treatment as a way to support me…

My husband started drinking one cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening.

In just 13 days, his fasting glucose dropped to around 130 from 210.

He stopped his metformin and his fasting glucose levels have been under 100 ever since.

Seriously, this is something every Diabetic should get right now

– Mrs Oyindamola, Lagos


And To Prove That This Our Natural Sugar Balance Diabetes Therapy Works, we are giving you…

“90 Day, No Excuse, Money Back Guarantee!”

Meaning that if it does not work for you within 90 days, all you need to do is just call 08020597107 and ask for your money back.

We would return your money ‘jejely’ and live with a clean mind than eat your money for something that doesn’t work.

Infact, you will never see anything like this, in Nigeria as we speak because we have done our research before we stumbled on this!

And if you have, you would come to see that they don’t know as deep as I and Dr Dee have gone in this research. Look at them and compare if you can.

However, If You Think N19,500 or N35,000 is Too Much, Let Tell You Something SHOCKINGLY True:

Diabetic Crisis doesn’t announce itself when it starts. Experience has taught me that.

However your hands will start tingling. They would be shaking and it will increase.

You would be feeling hot under the soles of your feet, and sometimes, it would feel as if you are walking on needles.

Then, you would start feeling really lazy and gradually, your blood pressure increases.

As long as your diabetes condition is, the more likely you will have an injury from nowhere.

From a single boil, it might eventually turn into a big sore if your blood sugar is really high.

And If You Don’t Take Care, it will lead to amputation/surgery of one of your legs if you injury doesn’t heal on time.

And to be amputated, you should be ready to spend a huge amount of money from N150,000 and above apart for the risk.

Plus the amputation/surgery doesn’t mean the diabetes has left the body.

Imagine limping on one leg for the rest of your life and still struggling with Diabetes.

See, I am not trying to scare you. All sorts of bad things will happen if you choose to ignore what you have just read…

For instance,

You could become totally blind almost overnight…

…your kidneys could fail you for no reason,

…your liver could become damaged beyond repair,

…become stricken with partial or full stroke and possibly heart disease.

But That Is The Hard Truth And You Know It.

So It Boils Down To Either;

1. You CHOOSE To Ignore All Of These, Continue Praying That Diabetes Is Not Your Portion When The Signs Are Clear…

…While You Keep Saving Your Money and Spending It On What Is Not Working and Possibly Loose A Leg Before You Realize It Is Too Late…


2. Order This Right Now, Save Yourself And Be Free Of This Dreadful Disease.

But I Know You Are Smart, that is why you will choose Option 2 above

If So, Here is How to Order For the Natural Sugar Balance Therapy and all the bonuses promised

Send The Following Details As An SMS or WhatsApp Message To 08020597107:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Full Delivery Address (include LGA and STATE)

3. eMail Address (to receive your diet plan)

4. Your Phone Numbers

5. Your Option (N19500-1 Month or N35,000-2 Months)

Here Is An Example Of SMS You Are To Send:
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Once we receive your details, our darling assistant will reply you via SMS or WhatsApp to confirm your order.

The moment you Confirm Your Order, Then Your Package Would Be Dispatched To You and You Will Receive It In 3 – 7 Working Days, Wherever You Are, No Matter The Corner Of The Country You Stay.

So let me ask you this question again;

“Would You Like To Eliminate And Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Just Like Hundreds And Thousands Have Done Using This Natural Sugar Balance Therapy Tea When Everything Else Has Failed?”

If YES is Your Answer, Then DONT DELAY.

Don’t overthink it.

One day you will look back on this moment and realize this was one of the best things you ever did for your health… for less than =N=1,000 a day.

I wish you better health in every part of your body.

Desmond Shobowale

Health Enthusiast/Kick Out-Diabetes Advocate

P.S: Don’t wait a moment. This is about your health. Order now.

Send An SMS or WhatsApp Message To 08020597107 with the following details below:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Full Delivery Address (include LGA and STATE)

3. eMail Address (to receive your diet plan)

4. Your Phone Numbers

5. Your Option (N19500-1 Month or N35,000-2 Months)

Here Is An Example Of SMS You Are Send:
“VG-SBT, Patience Okorie, 3 Oba Akpan Way, Subara LGA, Makurdi, Benue, 08090909090, 1Month”