June 19, 2018

Yutong to build assembly plants in Nigeria, rolls out energy busses

By Vera Sam Anyagafu

Yutong, a core bus manufacturing company in Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, has concluded plans to build its machinery assembly plants in Nigeria even as it accelerates push to include new wave of energy buses into its fleets of models.

Giving credence to the company’s other strategic investment portfolio, Vice General Manager Yutong, Mr. Kent Chang, in a meeting with a delegation of Nigerian journalists at Yutong’s Industrial Park in Zhengzhou, China, hinted that Yutong’s ambition to dominate the global markets, following its expertise in motor technologies, is reflected in its state of the art engineering facilities and expertise to rolling out the hybrid energy buses.

Also, the company’s Overseas Division 1, North and West African Key Account Marketing and Sales officer, Mr. Hanson Han, said that by the steady stream of Yutong fresh models, particularly the energy buses, Yutong will have an important influence on the global bus market.

“Yutong is dedicated to becoming a global brand and the world’s major bus supplier. However, we are particularly cautious about entry into the Nigerian market, and our highest priority is on the management of quality control, especially the management of products and services quality control.

“We are also interested in easing off transportation in Nigeria and in line with this, are plans to site assembly plants in some states in the country.

“And with our strong understanding of consumers needs we have accelerated plans to erect one assembly plant at Igboukwu, Anambra state to ease transportation in the eastern part of Nigeria”, Hans disclosed.

He also stated that Yutong is carefully observing Nigeria’s political landscape, especially developments leading to the country’s upcoming elections.

This he said will determine any huge investment in building assembly plants in Nigeria, adding that although, Yutong has delivered some diesel buses to the Lagos State government for its new transportation scheme, it is also imperative to observe elections developments.

The company is said to be world’s most advanced and largest manufacturing base of new energy buses and coach supplier, with a production capacity of 430 buses daily, which also included hybrid electrical buses.