June 17, 2018

Ughwanagho steps down as Delta APGA leader

Delta state

Following the turn of events in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Delta State, the Leader of APGA in the state, Chief Dr. Ovie Ughwanagho, has stepped down as leader of the party.

Speaking to journalists at his country home in Eku, over the week, Ughwanagho said he decided to step down because the party’s ideology at the moment is not in tandem with his, hence the need to step down as leader became pertinent.

He recalled how the leadership of the party in the state in company of all the party executive, led by the current Chairman, Afamefune Enomokwu, had earlier approached him few years back to become the state Leader of the party and how he declined their advances before he eventually accepted their request reluctantly on certain conditions.

Ughwanagho said : “After several visits, I gave him (Afamefune) some conditions and he assured me that he would abide by the conditions. One of the conditions I gave to him is that if he is setting up the party in the state for monetary gains, there will be problem because the APGA I belong to will not be used for political gains.

“I insisted that politics is not about making money but a call to service. This is my driving philosophy about politics, I have maintained this and will continue to maintain it in the years to come.

“Recent events, however, have proved otherwise, so in view of this development, I wish to step down as leader of APGA in the state. While I remain a member of APGA, I will ponder my future in the days to come with or without APGA.”

Contacted, the state chairman, Mr. Afamefune Enomokwu, said : “He is not the only leader of the party in the first place. What do you say about Chief Ukazie and Chief Awala, who have been leaders of the party for long.