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Stop stereotyping children with special needs— Mofoluwasho Liasu

Super Parents Network, a non-governmental organisation, is celebrating children living with special needs while giving their parents support.

Executive Director, Super parents network Mofoluwasho Liasu with Parent of a special need child.

Speaking at an event organised for special needs children, Mofoluwasho Monisola Liasu, Executive Director, Super Parents Network said,   ‘’As a group, we support parents of children with special needs and disabilities. Obviously we need to support these children, they have been stigmatised and victimised.

They have been victims of circumstances and now we are telling the world that these children deserve to be celebrated. They may be different from you, but they are no different. They are humans just like us. All they want from us is acceptance. They want to be accepted and included in all activities. All we need to do is provide everything they need for them to measure up to that so they will be included in everything we do. ‘’

She went on, “A lot of these children are victimised due to ignorance and so, as a body, we are creating awareness. They have been stereotyped. We have passed down the wrong narratives from generations to generations; our religious beliefs, our spirituality are adding to this negativity.

Having a disability is not restricted to some people; it could happen to anybody at any time. It could be an accident which leads to disability. We do not have a right to stigmatize anybody. We are trying to change the narratives. When parents walk up to us and talk about discrimination in schools, we go to these schools and educate the teachers and other staff. What they understand and know is what our fore fathers have imbibed in them but we are changing the story.’’

‘’Government at state and federal level needs to buckle up on this issue. The world is now a global village. Other countries are recognising persons with disabilities. The fact that they have disability, except it is a mental one, does not stop them from working; it does not stop them from doing all the things we do. All they need is a little help to be able to measure up. Our government needs to put in place measures to correct these things. Lagos State is doing so well when it comes to addressing issues concerning persons with disabilities and I hope other states will follow the good example soon. What parents of children living with disabilities need is encouragement. 50% of children living with disabilities are indigent. As a group, we provide aid, we also pay for therapies for the children.’’


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