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EIDUL-FITR: Sustain lessons of Ramadan, Group urges Muslims

Muslims have been urged to sustain the piety, charity, good neighbourliness and forgiveness which were parts of the lessons derived from Ramadan in line with the Holy Qur’an and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In the same vein, they were advised to ensure peaceful coexistence with their compatriots and to pray harder for Nigeria and her leaders, as they celebrate the Eidil-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan.

These were contained in a press statement signed by the chairman and secretary of the South East Muslims Organization of Nigeria (SEMON), Muhammad O. Ajah Jr. and Abdurrahman Nwabueze Urama, respectively. The group applauded the spirit of brotherhood exhibited by Muslims during Ramadan and called for attention to the less-privileged Muslims as commanded by Allah and exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), adding that the care for the poor and needy during the Holy month should continue after the celebration.

The group also reminded Muslims on the six days of Shawwal fasting (the Islamic month after Ramadan) as it was the tradition of the Prophet

Harping on Zakatul-Fitr, the group said it is compulsory on every Muslim, including the unborn in the mother’s womb, adding “Zakatul-Fitr ensures elevation of the fasting of a Muslim in Ramadan into the Divine Presence.

“Although the few days of Ramadan have ended, the lessons from them are great and dominant to be forgotten soon by a faithful Muslim. Anyone who enjoyed Ramadan and really felt its impact has to maintain the spirit of the month for a long time. Some people just passed through the month without allowing the month to pass through them. Ramadan is so grand that those who allowed it pass through them would wish that the whole year be Ramadan”.

“We urge them to continue to pray for our beloved nation and for our leaders because they need the divine guidance from Allah to carry out their duties for development, fairness and justice in our democratic governance.




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