June 27, 2018

DSS, Police arrest dozens of ‘Shilla boys’ in Adamawa

DSS, Police arrest dozens of ‘Shilla boys’ in Adamawa

YOLA – A notorious squad that specializes in the snatching of hand-sets, pickpocketing, raping of under aged and other social vices in Yola the Adamawa State capital and its environs has been smashed in a separate operations by the Adamawa Police Command and the Department of State Security Services.

The over fifty young boys whose ages range between 15 and 20years are members of a criminal group called “Shilla Boys” attacking and robbing their victims in the state capital through the use of Keke Napep especially towards busy areas in the evenings.

The notorious Shilla Boys were Tuesday taken before the Nassarawo Area court in Jimeta by an official of the Department of State Security Services for prosecution over their atrocities against the public.

The official (name withheld), told the court that the boys were arrested in different black spots of Aisha Ghandi Night club and small sambisa forest near Moddibo Adama University of Technology, Yola in possession of intoxicating substances and dangerous weapons used to injuring their victims when ever there is resistance.

Nigerian Police

He said their criminal activities in the state capital is growing to a larger dimensions by the day and has becoming a serious threat to peace and security of the state capital .

Magistrate Japheth Ibrahim Basani after listening to the confessional statement from the arrested youths bothering of their individual involvement into criminal offences raging from attacking,robbing,raping and in some cases killing victims after retrieving them of their valuables directed that they be remanded in both Jimeta and Yola prisons for further investigation.

Also, the police command confirmed the arrest and prosecution of over twenty Shilla boys for various crimes in the state.

spokesman of the command S.P Othman Abubakar said that the command had arrested,interrogated and prosecuted over twenty boys in various courts in the state.

Abubakar lamented that in some cases parents and judiciary are not helping matter in fighting the menace decrying that if police made arrest and take to courts ,they are released back to the society in the name of granting bail.

He therefore appealed to government especially at the state level to intervene by charging the judiciary in doing the needful so that the societies can be weeded – up of these bad eggs