June 7, 2018

Artificial eyelashes: Optometrist advises women on hand hygiene

Artificial eyelashes: Optometrist advises women on hand hygiene


Abuja – Dr Njong Onugu, the Chief Executive Officer, Eyes R Us, has advised women to ensure clean hands while inserting and removing artificial eyelashes in order to avoid eye infections and visual impairment.


Onugu gave this advice in an interview on Thursday in Abuja.

She explained that artificial eyelashes did not pose any threat to vision, if worn properly with strict adherence to instructions by optometrist.

The specialist defined artificial eyelashes as the extensions used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes.

According to her, the extensions can be made from several materials including mink, synthetic or horse hair.

Onugu, however, urged women fixing such lashes to consult a doctor for proper medical counselling on the way and manner it should be worn and its duration on the eyes.

“Artificial eyelashes, if worn properly with adherence to instructions; do not pose a threat to your vision, however, we want to ensure that people maintain good hand hygiene.

“In this case, when inserting or removing it, you should make sure your hands are clean to ensure you don’t predispose your eyes to some infections or inflammation.

“You must also be careful not to inflict injury on the outer part of the cornea, as this can lead to a scar, which will eventually lead to impaired vision, if not properly treated and managed by optometrist.

“In this regard, before you start fixing eyelashes, you must ask your optometrist questions bordering on how to care for your lashes, insert, remove and adhere to instructions,” Onugu said. (NAN)