June 15, 2018

APC must take opportunity of confusion in PDP — Kolawole

By Rotimi Ojomoyela

A Chieftain of the APC, Akinlayo Kolawole has charged his party to make good use of the opportunity offered by low morale in the PDP as he yesterday disclosed that at least ten PDP members of the State House of Assembly were set to defect.



Kolawole who spoke yesterday in Ikosun Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of the State also expressed sadness over what he yesterday described as the obnoxious policies, and despotic actions of Governor Ayodele Fayose had stifled and chased away private companies from the state.

He said by his actions several Ekiti indigenes were rendered jobless and made to suffer.

Kolawole said the PDP has been quaking in the face of defections of party bigwigs while the APC stands united, describing this as a potent factor that will help APC.

“Governor Fayose’s intolerance has been crippling his party, and this makes it better for APC. Former Minister of Works, Prince Dayo Adeyeye and his supporters have quit PDP.

“Former Commissioner for Justice to Fayose, Barr Owoseeni Ajayi has done same, these are people you can’t treat with disdain in the politics of Ekiti.

“Many of Fayose’s aides, including a trusted ally like Alhaji Demola Bello have joined APC. In a matter of days, ten members of the State House of Assembly are planning to join us. These are happening when APC is stable.”

Kolawole said it sounded so unfathomable that Governor Fayose could borrow as much as N56 billion within three years, while also accusing Fayemi, who paid salaries and pensions and managed the economy in the most prudent way of corruption.

Faulting the policies of the outgoing governor, he said:

“Governor Fayose ’s arbitrary tax policy made Guaranty Trust and Eco Banks to close shop in Ekiti. And most disturbing was the fact that most of those that were laid-off as a result of this not well thought-out action in those banks were indigenes of the state.

“Most of the international development organizations like DFID, USAID, and others that had good working and beneficial relationships with Dr. Fayemi were no longer operating in the state.

“Ekiti has been in solitary confinement since the advent of the PDP government in Ekiti without bilateral relationships in terms of economic building and exchange of skills and ideas and no economy can develop under this harsh situation.