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2019: Charlyboy, Aisha Yesufu, Sam Amadi define roles for Nigerians in political process

By Luminous Jannamike
ABUJA – Popular activists including veteran musician, Charles Oputa better known as Charlyboy have urged Nigerians to play active roles in the political processes leading to the 2019 general elections.

Charly Boy
They said citizens should awaken to the consciousness of power, make developmental demands on political leaders and hold them accountable for their actions in office in 2019 and beyond.
Speaking at this launch of his inspired Nigerian Social Contract Initiative, Charlyboy said he was disheartened to observe that majority of Nigerians have not yet awaken to the consciousness of power to determine, as electorates, who becomes what in the country.
He said: “Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Olusegun Obasanjo do not feel the same problems other Nigerians feels. The problems of the nation are felt directly by the citizens. That is why it pains me to observe Nigerians living their lives in unconsciousness of the power they possess as electorates. I would like to see elephants living like elephants and not rats. The electorates must realise they are the government and they hold the power to determine who becomes what in our nation.”
For Aisha Yesufu, Co-convener of  BringBackOurGirls, Nigerian citizens have not risen to the task of making demands on their political leaders.
“Enough Nigerians are not making demands on political leaders and that is where we are failing as a people.
“The Nigerian electorates need to make demand on their political leaders and take responsibility for their development. We must stop abdicating our responsibilities to God and believing that our leaders are always right,” Yesufu said at the event.
Sam Amadi, ex-boss of Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission, said: “Nigerians need to realise that unless politicians feel the electorates can cause them considerable damage during elections, they will never sit up in office. Nigerians must begin to take whatever social contract they had with them before elections as a serious basis for public petition for sanctions, recall from political office, and motions in the legislature, if they fail to performin office.”
On his part, popular Kannywood actor, Rabiu Rikadawa, urged youths to desist from political thuggery and focus more on holding political leaders accountable to the people.


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