May 11, 2018

WebAd simplifies social networking for business owners- Sheneni

WebAd simplifies social networking for business owners- Sheneni


Sheneni is friendly, multilingual and adaptable digital marketing specialist. His experience has enabled him to learn fast and apply himself to varied work. He fuses a can-do attitude, time management skills and hard graft, delivering work on-time and to the required standard.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and what led you to marketing and Blockchain?

I have always been involved in marketing from a young age, from distributing flyers for my mum’s business venture to talking to people about it. I guess marketing is something I’ve come to be passionate about, not just as a business, but also as a brain stimulator.  I’ve never liked the drab scenery of just sitting in an office and taking orders daily. That’s why work always has to be challenging, for me, without something new or exciting to try out, the day gets boring.

The idea for WebAd came up during my IT attachment in Lagos 2013 where I saw that a lot of people had things to advertise and had just started using social media to do that. There appeared to be a need for a special place where people could advertise what they had to offer. At this point I was thinking of a website. After school and service, I started digital marketing by promoting events and brands on social media sites in 2016. I went a step further than just promoting and studied digital marketing strategies to increase my knowledge in marketing. I still retained my passion for businesses and I saw advertising as a way to help people grow their business.

I got to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2016 and I was excited about its potential as a disruptive tool. I really fell for the technology behind bitcoin, the blockchain technology. We are just now scratching the surface of what blockchain technology can do. It can be deployed in a lot of sectors covering election, land registration, identity management, food security, etc. Blockchain technology is much more than just bitcoin and its financial uses. I started by running an Ethereum node on my laptop to mine Ethereum with my CPU and GPU. This got me started down the road in developing and creating a token and a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, seeing as a blockchain is an incorruptible database.

I had to think about how to tie my passion for advertising with my interest in blockchain technology and this was where the idea of Webercoin was conceived and WebAd was modified into a social network to accommodate that.

Since working on the project, what is the most important thing you have learned about Blockchain and cryptocurrency that you didn’t know before in Advertising industry

The most important thing I have learned is that, In the advertising world, ad buyers are often perplexed with the amount of guess work that they require before mounting any campaign. The Blockchain technology can eliminate this tedious task. Due to its transparency, blockchain technology can detect the computer bot clicks and numerous other threats which disrupt the course of an ad campaign. This will enable the advertisers to reach out to the target audience and will also protect the ethnicity of the campaign. This is cost-effective as well for a longer duration. Transparency and trust are the two vital pillars of digital advertisement, and blockchain aptly fits in the paradigm.The advertising market is already getting its benefits from the blockchain technology.

For example, The Marketing Group firm has already launched the first ever blockchain-empowered advertising agency to infiltrate the advertising methods filled with spam which is prevalent in the market.

Other advertisers are also looking forward to promoting blockchain and bring about a radical change in the advertising market.

The main motive of blockchain-enabled advertising is that this will give more power to the consumers. They are the ones who will control the advertisements which they view and will provide the advertisers with proper feedback in order to produce leads of a higher quality. Moreover, blockchain technology will also make the ad-blocking software obsolete in future.

Use three words to describe the WedAd platform.

Innovative, game-changing, rewarding (in its purest form).

What is in your opinion the best /the most helpful/ the most important feature of our product?

WebAd is created to help reduce the cumbersomeness of social networking platforms, with a simple mission, which is to create a one-of-a-kind networking advertising platform that reclaims power from social networking sites and hands it back to business owners and users. This will greatly streamline the industry and result in the greatest good for all.

So, what is next for WebAd? /What is the next big event/ announcement/ milestone our followers should look forward to?

The next big event is of course the ICO taking place from May 5th to June 27th, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the future of investing!

WebAd has a simple mission, which is to create a one-of-a-kind networking advertising platform that reclaims power from social networking sites and hands it back to business owners and users. This will greatly streamline the industry and result in the greatest good for all

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WebAd is the first established, transparent, Digital Marketing/Social Media based company on ICO market and we believe that people will appreciate their approach and will become a part of their group of innovative companies