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Warm Welcoming of Pastor Chris at the Western Wall

The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, received an unprecedented warm welcoming at the Western Wall in the Holy city Jerusalem. This amazing occurrence was a part of the eight-day Pastor Chris visit to Israel. This trip provides an opportunity to his followers to connect to the Holy Land through biblical eyes.

The Western Wall is one of the most significant holy sites to the Jewish people, and thus has great meaning to Christians. The spiritual environment at the holy site was one hard to describe in words and filled the hearts of all participants and observers with the spirit of Jesus Christ. Peeking into the amazing photos taken from the welcoming ceremony Pastor Chris received, underlines the outstanding moment this event created. Followers and witnesses alike were amazed by the presence of the Man of God in this monumental holy site.

The Western Wall is one only remaining wall (out of four) that surrounded the Temple Mount during the Second Temple period. The site holds great holiness for both Jews and Christians, and as such is a site Pastor Chris made sure no group joining the visit would miss. In ancient times, the Temple was the centre of the life of the Jews. It was where they brought sacrifices, studies the Bible, and conducted prayers. Jesus was regular visitor to the Temple, and just as the Bible notes is the place where He challenges local authorities. Those challenges eventually led to His arrest and crucifixion.

Thus, the Western Wall of the Second ancient Jewish Temple is a significant site that helps visitors feel a spiritual connection to Christ’s journey and life. One of the beautiful traditions at the site is to compose a personal note to God and place it between the Wall’s cracks. Many followers participated, using the moment for prayer and connection to the Bible and the Lord. Pastor Chris’s presence at the Western Wall played a crucial role in the spiritual heights participants and observers were able to reach. The Western Wall is a place where people come and pray to their Lord. The Holy Spirit’s occurrence was felt throughout the entire duration of the visit.

The visit to the Western Wall is part of an eight-day Holy journey with Chris Oyakhilome in Israel. The trip was organized by the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporation (Christ Embassy), founded by philanthropist Chris Oyakhilome. Christ Embassy understands and lives by the idea that “in order to be as holy as Jesus, we must be like Him as much as possible.” Christ emphasized that helping other in need, physically or spiritually, is the best way to come closer to God. This is exactly what the Christ Embassy Church and its Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, are doing by planning this pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Both Israel and Jordan encompass holy sites to Christians due to their biblical significance and thus are a perfect place for believers to reconnect to the Lord.

Not all those that wanted to be a part of this journey were able to attend. Yet that should not stop anyone from virtually experiencing the Holy Land through the eyes of Pastor Chris. Many may have missed yesterday’s special Pastor Chris Holy Land ministration, make to keep up to date on all the happenings of the trip. Frequented places and highlights will be filmed live from the official YouTube channel as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


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