May 26, 2018

Uwa Brown is not saying the truth, declares Osa Osula

Uwa Brown is not saying the truth, declares Osa Osula

The last may not have been heard of the raging media battle between Hon Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula, former House of Representative member from Edo State and his estranged wife, Uwaila Agbonson, popularly known as Uwa Brown, who recently took the issue of their divorce in America to the social media.

In a recent press release by spokesperson to Hon. Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula, Osa Osula, he stated that Hon. Osula’s estranged wife has taken the matter too far by engaging in social media attack of the person of Hon. Osula when there was no need for that. He described the situation as a case of greed and blackmail taken too far.

He stated, “Uwa Brown had alleged among other things that Hon Emmanuel has been irresponsible since the divorce and refused to pay the maintenance for her and the two children from the marriage.”

According to Osa, “After the divorce, Uwa had expected Emmanuel to continue to foot all the bills of her maternal family like he had always do in the last 16 years of their marriage but the recent decision by Emmanuel to resist that demand prompted the current outburst by Uwa.”

Osa added that even though Uwa got a 7 bedrooms duplex in America and over $2, 500 monthly for maintenance from the divorce, she had expected a clean out and a complete take-over of all Emmanuel’s wealth, this was however, not acceded to by the court. She is therefore pained that she got less than she envisaged.

Speaking further, Osa also denied the allegation by Uwa that Emmanuel has failed to pay the child support and all additional gift of maintenance totaling $2,550 monthly he agreed to, insisting that had Emmanuel defaulted on that, he would have been in jailed or be without all his driving & business licenses by now. He maintained that Uwa’s allegations are dirty lies and blackmail born out of desperate greed and failed attempt to rip his brother off.

He therefore advised Uwa to put an end to the shameless blackmail, display of greed and crass irresponsibility and rather focus on her life after the divorce.

Meanwhile, the true story monitored through Uwa’s instagram shows her outbursts on her estranged husband including all the women she allegedly accused of succeeding in ruining her marriage according her. Other efforts to reach her through online contact proved abortive while only visible extract is her divorce celebration in an all-black outfit with flowers.