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Pastor Chris, his followers tour the Holy Land

Pastor Chris is excited to announce that his parish’s 2018 trip to the Holy Land was a blessed success, helping to spread the word of our Lord and Savior throughout the World.

Chris Oyakhilome

He was joined by hundreds of followers on this trip, which allowed them to explore Biblical lands in Jordan and Israel – the holiest sites of both the Christian and Jewish faiths.

We’d like to share some of the most awesome and faith-affirming highlights of this journey–one that further enshrined our faith in Scripture, in addition to assuring us that brotherly, Christian love is not gone from this Earth.

The Amazing Welcome We Received

Americans, mostly familiar with this region through alarmist nightly news coverage would be astounded at the warm welcome we received from Christians and the Jewish people alike.

Not only were they excited and joyous at Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s arrival, they were excited to share their feelings about the long-prophesied move of the US State Department’s move from Tel Aviv to the holy capital of Jerusalem.

The area has been alight with excitement since President Donald Trump announced his intention to move the embassy. This move signified that America, unlike allies throughout Europe, recognized the Jewish people’s right to its holy city.

Chris Oyakhilome was overjoyed to learn of the celebratory reception event that Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had organized for landmark decision; he was even more excited to learn that he and his flock were welcomed to the Holy Land to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Sites Pastor Chris and his Followers Toured

To ignore the wondrous sites that Pastor Chris and his churchgoers saw over their eight days would be a tragic oversight (80 days would have still numbered far too few to truly experience and take the lessons from each place).

With that said, here are just a few of the highlights from the Biblical sites Pastor Chris and his congregation were able to experience firsthand:


This harbor town on the Mediterranean coast of Israel is rich in history, archaeology, and architecture. The town, named after Caesar Augustus, is frequently featured in the New Testament and was of crucial importance to the lives and books of Saints Peter and Paul.

Sea of Galilee

A Christian tour of the Holy Land would be remiss to overlook the Sea of Galilee-one of Israel’s few freshwater lakes, which is prominent in both the Old and New Testaments. It was beside this sea that Jesus taught his followers many of his most important teachings and sermons-in fact, this is where he “recruited” four of his apostles and gave his Sermon on the Mount. It is the kind of place that inspires the purest and truest of faith to come about.

Abu Gosh

Another incredible sight Pastor Chris and his followers beheld was Abu Gosh, the birthplace of Jeremiah the prophet, as well as the famous destination of the Ark of the Covenant after its departure from Beth-shemesh.

Mount Hertzel (Herzl)

This site of the National Cemetery of Israel is named after one of its most famous founders (of recent history, of course). It serves as an area of celebration and ceremony for the Jewish faith, but was extremely warm and welcoming to Christians and those of all denominations and faiths.

Concluding Words

To detail the faith and awe that these places inspire would take pages and pages more, but Pastor Chris and his congregation would be the best ones to tell that story. Thank you for reading and learning about his trip – we hope you become involved with the Church and can someday join us on another incredible voyage!


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