May 25, 2018

Genesis Christian Academy celebrates six years of power supply

Genesis Christian Academy celebrates six years of power supply

School Administrator, Mrs. Christie Okey-Ubabukoh (Right)

Ahead of May 27 Children’s Day anniversary, Genesis Christian Academy in Kuje, Abuja may have lighted the way for the nation through its adoption of sustainable clean energy.

School Administrator, Mrs. Christie Okey-Ubabukoh (Right)

The school consists of nursery, primary, and secondary classes. It is run solely on solar power and generates 3kilowatt, which powers its television sets, fans, refrigerators and other appliances, except the borehole.

According to the School Administrator, Mrs. Christie Okey-Ubabukoh, the solar power is reliable and cheap.

“Since the solar panels were installed six years ago, we never have to pay power bills, no outage and we get 24 hours power supply,” she said.

“I am urging other schools to adopt the solar power. The initial financial outlay may be high, but it will pay itself over and over.

“The school was generating 1.5kw before it was scaled up to the current 3kw. The system is sustained by 200watts of batteries, 12 in number, and each costing N120,000,” Okey-Ubabukoh said.

She added, “We had a mishap recently when a technician made an error in connection and this destroyed nine batteries, which we had to replace. The solar power has really served us well, and I wish other schools can also install it and enjoy the benefits.”

Meanwhile, the school administrator disclosed that the clean energy cost N3m and was warrantied for 20 years.

Shedding light on the advantages of the solar power, the educationist said it was dependable and did not require much maintenance.

The Proprietor, Genesis Christian Academy, Mr. Harold Ubabukoh, said he established the school after retiring as a chartered accountant, describing the move as a divine venture.

He explained that the school was the only infrastructure in the area (Kuje in Abuja) when it was established, adding that it had since attracted many companies and farms to the area.

Stating that the school was a non-profit institution, Ubabukoh stated that he built it with his retirement savings, noting that he did not demand tuition from the pupils during the first year of operation.

“Till now, the parents determine what their children pay and the tuition has remained the same for the past six years because the school was founded to raise great, morally upright scholars that would change the nation,” the Genesis Christian Academy proprietor added.