May 23, 2018

Democracy Day: Taxify urges collection of PVC in “Your PVC, Your Voice” campaign

Collection of PVCs


Taxify, world’s fastest growing ride-hailing app, has launched a campaign in celebration of Democracy Day with the goal of encouraging young people to get their permanent voters card (PVC).

Riders can now visit the website and use a Google powered PVC locator to find the closest centers to themselves. The website also urges users to take a pledge to complete the process of getting their PVC afterwhich an email containing a free ride code is sent.

According to Uche Okafor, City Manager at Taxify “We believe cities and countries work best when everybody has a say. We are excited by the conversations happening both on and offline. Young Nigerians are perhaps for the first time interested in taking charge of their futures and in celebration of democracy day, we want to make the journey to getting a PVC hassle free for everyone.”

With the Taxify ecosystem centered around millennials, who are historically apathetic to the democratic process, Okafor says “we want to show that tech can help drive action, especially with young people.”

“Our intent is to provide Taxify riders and drivers with everything they need to know about registering to get their PVCs and then give them a free ride there. Outside of the website, we will push notifications directing users to register. Messages like “What could you do in the three minutes it takes for your Taxify to arrive? How about starting the process of getting your PVC? Around two-in-every-three eligible 18- to 26-year-olds are still not registered. Get involved, have your say.”

Taxify is one of Europe’s leading ride-sharing platforms, connecting millions of riders and drivers around the world to make travel easier, quicker and more reliable. Taxify’s efficient and tech-enabled business model benefits both drivers who have to pay a smaller commission as well as riders who end up paying less for their ride.

Founded by Markus Villig, Taxify launched in 2013. It’s one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing platforms in the world, focusing on Europe and Africa.

Taxify has more than 10 million customers in over 20 countries globally.