May 24, 2018

Amanyanabo of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom, Rivers State hosts royal fathers to special banquet

Amanyanabo of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom, Rivers State hosts royal fathers to special banquet

Amanyanabo of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom, Rivers State hosts royal fathers to a special banquet

By Chris Onuoha

It was a keilaidoscope of royal displays filled with pomp and pageantry as the King of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom, HRM, King ADM. Dr. Goddy Idaminabo Idikisime-Olunwa JP., last week hosted Monarchs, Traditional Rulers, Chiefs and custodians of Rivers State customs and tradition to a special Royal Banquets in his Ogoloma Kingdom in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

This is happening for the first time in Wakrike Bese in Okrika, as the newly installed monarch celebrated a maiden edition of royal treat of the Kala Ogoloma Kingdom in Port Harcourt Local Government Area of Rivers State as sign of new beginning for the new autonomous community. The exclusive Kings banquet is the first of its kind in Wakirike-beseland meant to foster sustainable Peace, Unity and Progress for more Developments.

The banquet, celebrated on Saturday May 19 at Amadi-Ama Community Hall, Port-Harcourt, had in attendance The Amayanabo of Kirike Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, King (Air Commodore) Tamuno-omisiki Ogube, Ogube 1, Perekune Kingoli 1; Amanyanabo of Okochiri Kingdom and The Sekuro1 of Niger Delta, His Royal Majesty, King Ateke Michael Tom, JP; His Royal Majesty, King Brig .Gen. Bright A. Fiboinumama (rtd) JP, Obeomomu Odo 1 of Abuloma Kingdom; His Royal Majesty, Eze Gbakagbaka, the King of Evo Kingdom; His Royal Majesty, King Acheseinimie M. Frank, JP, Bolo-Luka VIII Amayanabo of Bolo; His Royal Majesty, King Darick Acheseomie Obumuton IX, Amayanabo of Obumuton-Chiri Port Harcourt; His Royal Majesty King Fred I.T. Tiene Perefi, Amayanbo of Ele Kingdom and host of others.

Also in attendance were Queens of several Kingdoms, led by, Queen Boma Idaminabo Idikisime Olunwa.

Addressing the royal fathers during the event, King ADM. Dr. Goddy Idaminabo Idikisime-Olunwa JP in his remark stated, “The gathering of the Okrika Royalties and Great Alapus here today is very significant because it will send notice to the cynics within and outside of Okrika that never again will the people of Okrika, nay, Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom allow themselves to be ignored in the scheme of things in Rivers State and the country in general.”

Speaking further, he said, “In the past, the people of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom particularly the Amadi-Ama Community had the institution of Elders Councils which formed part of community leadership. These Elders’ councils have been constituted into Traditional Chancellors to act as advisers to the Amanyanabo and chiefs Similarly, key community 2 development areas have been identified and to be administered by selected competent individuals and chiefs who functions as Secretaries. This is done to make community leadership productive and impacutful on the people’’.‘’Therefore, we have in the Kala-Ogoloma Structure, the Royal Arm, the Chancellors and the Secretaries.

This is our own innovation to strengthen the traditional institution in a cosmopolitan city like Port Harcourt, as well as the state’’

Kala Ogoloma is the sub-clan of Ogoloma speaking people of Okrika Nation in the land that has become Port Harcourt City of Rivers State.

The creation of this Kingdom and the subsequent coronation of HRM, King Goddy Idaminabo Idikisime-Olunwa JP, on October 14, 2017 as the King by His Majesty, the Amanyanabo of Ancient Ogoloma, King E.T.I.Obudibo (Ikwo V) was a giant step forward, by the Okrika nation to reclaim its pride of place in the scheme of things in Rivers State.

The King in closing remark called on the general public and especially investors to take advantage of the peaceful disposition to invest in Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom to help the young community grow.

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