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What is your take on FG’s naming of alleged looters by FG?

This is a shameful  controversy. It is difficult to know the party with the highest number of looters between All Progressives Congress,APC, and PDP. There is no fundamental difference between both parties. What has APC done differently? Not only is APC a home for several ex-PDP members, the APC-led government has not reduced the rate of corruption.
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Analyst

It is a step in the  right direction. But we expect a more detailed list of other looters on the list in the days ahead. We want to see more names in a very detailed manner.
•Nelson Ekujumi, Member of Civil Society Organisation

It is impossible to allege  that PDP members are the only looters. There are looters in other political parties. We all know the rivalry between APC and PDP but how come only PDP members are being indicted regularly? President Buhari is fighting corruption but looting is going on in this dispensation. How come the names of APC members are not on the list?
Itunu Ogunyemi, Student

To release the  names of only PDP members is an act of selfishness. The list should be detailed and inclusive. I want it updated not minding those involved because Nigerians are suffering in the midst of abundance.
Mrs Kehinde Salako, Cleaner

Both APC and PDP  members are corrupt. They should be disallowed from running the affairs of this country so that Nigeria will become completely sanitised. Honestly, none of them is a saint and the list is suspicious.
Moroof Razak, Commercial driver

Naming just six  people is the height of hypocrisy. We have to sincerely and tenaciously stand for what is right. Many of the people whose corrupt practices are not in the dark are even the people who are now saints. Some have become born again politicians because of the party they belong to. For how long shall we refuse to speak truth to power? I am much aware that this is a new political weapon.
Lanre Akinsanya, Journalist

By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou & Frederick Okopie


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