By Elizabeth Uwandu

Pro- Life League, St. Denis Catholic Church, Akoka , Bariga Lagos has raised alarm over the high rate of abortion and the antecedent suicide rate among Nigerians especially  females.

This is as the group called for a life of chastity among the youths through a ‘Match for Life,’ held over the weekend that commenced from National stadium, Surulere to the church premises.

Briefing journalists, Michelin Iketalu, President of the League, said  the advocacy match among  was to create awareness of the right and protection of the unborn child; correct the statement of, ”unwanted pregnancy” used by many to describe some conceptions; and also provide solace for those thinking of abortion due to circumstances.

“In Pro-Life League, we believe that to restore respect for human life in Nigeria we must; understand that life begins at conception, and we must stand by the truth that every being  uniquely created in the image and likeness of God deserves  right to life.

Iketalu said the need was to emphasise the person-hood of the child in the womb has a separate heart, soul and body. “Hence, we must ensure we guard the baby in the womb with our life, understand that there is nothing as unwanted pregnancy,  every child comes from God.

“We must continue to emphasise the dangers and nature of birth control pills,  D&C abortion and salt abortion etc. This is as we recognize that D&C abortion is the most common and dangerous to our young girls.

He said they were  taking into account that abortion is equal to murder because the child in the womb is a human being.

While presenting Miss Maltida Chukwuma, mother to little JumiPero and Miss  Esther Nwokocha, mother to baby Olawole, both rescued from potentially committing abortion, he said they were cared for during and after their pregnancy. Ikelatu called against regrets and frustration that often led to  abortion.

“We do preach against immorality and pre-marital sex.  However, we must understand that God is interested in our mistake and He is ready to accept our past.

“Religious bodies,  parents must recognize the person-hood of the unborn child and the welfare of the mother because if there is life, correction follows, ” the Pro-Life League president urged.

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