By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

NNEWI—Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Onitsha, Eastern Gateway, has expressed worry over the state of the Nigerian nation, saying that something urgent should be done in the area of security, health, power, roads and employment, to save the nation from total collapse.

The church also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop blaming the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan for the woes of the country but should consolidate on Jonathan’s  achievements and legacies, like the process of educating herdsmen which the former president started.


Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Onitsha, Rt. Rev. Livinus Biereonwu Onugha, spoke  in Onitsha in an address he presented during the 16th  Annual Diocesean Synod 2018, which held at All Saints Methodist Church Onitsha.

“It still beats my imagination how the All Progressives Congress, APC, government of President Muhammadu Buhari is not consolidating on the legacies of Goodluck Jonathan who started the process of educating the herdsmen, by establishing schools for them. At this digital age, the APC government is encouraging herdsmen to continue to wander from place to place in rearing flocks.

“The core north has governed this nation more than any other but unfortunately, we have more uneducated youths in the north than any other place in Nigeria.”

, why the misplacement of priorities of their leaders.

“Today many people conceive of this nation as failed state, Nigeria as a state has failed to provide the basic expectations to her citizens, particularly security, health, power roads and in employment, yet we are yet to understand why a president who seem to have failed virtually in all his campaign promises, is being asked by some shameless group to come back in 2019.

“Nigeria is a nation that is divided spiritually already and togetherness physically is totally in doubt, development of this nation is focused only in two sections of the country, North and West. Raji Fashola told Nigerians that a serious government can fix the power problem of Nigeria in six months.

He is directly in charge of power, he has fixed the North and the South, but yet to fix the East after three years and some months in office, the inference here therefore, is that this government in not serious, we must commend the past administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan for building power generating plants before leaving office.

“If Dr Jonathan, was selfish like some Nigerian politicians in power, he would have rigged the election and perpetuate himself in power, but had a godly idea and indeed Christian idea: “My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian, unlike those who say blood of the Baboons and Monkeys will flow on the street of Nigeria if they are not elected presidents.

“Today the blood of unborn babies, pregnant women, children, adults, soldiers, policemen and other paramilitary is flowing in the Sambisa forest, in Agatu land in Benue, Taraba, in the Northeast, in Southern Kaduna, in Oyo, Edo, Imo and Enugu States, Nigeria is bleeding profusely.”

Bishop Onugha noted that “Nigerian government is fast loosing the remaining trust, if any is left from the populace, the recent Dapchi girls kidnap drama and the manner they back raises a lot of questions in the minds of Nigerians.”


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