April 28, 2018

Maku calls for scrapping of state electoral commissions

Labaran Maku

Mr Labaran Maku, former Communications Minister

A former Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, has called for the scrapping of all state electoral commissions to ensure free, fair and credible local government elections in Nigeria.

Labaran Maku

Maku, the National Secretary of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), made the call in Lafia on Saturday during a political mobilisation tour.

He said that the scrapping of the commissions would give opposition parties hope of winning local government polls and ensure public confidence in the process.

Maku said that most opposition parties boycotted local government elections in the states because of the lack of transparency and trust in members of the commissions.

“Those in power in the state level appoint chairmen and members of their political parties as members of the state electoral commissions.

“How can local government elections will be fair, free and credible?.

“They will dance to the tune of their master who appointed them.

“All the state electoral commissions have problems. All of them, that is why we suggested that all the so-called state electoral commissions should be abolished in order to have fair, free and credible local government elections in the country.

“INEC national body should be given a mandate to run and conduct local government elections in the country.

“INEC can have a different department for the local government elections and another department for national elections.

“This will give the opposition parties and the public hope and confidence to actively participate in local government elections in their respective states, “he said.

Maku urged the people of Nasawa State, especially farmers and herdsmen, to co-exist peacefully in the interest of development.

He said that insecurity in some parts of the country were caused by political interest groups for selfish reasons and urged Nigerians to unite against violence in the interest of development.

Maku said Nigerians should live in peace and tolerate one another irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political affiliations. (NAN)