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Justice on its head

By Chioma Gabriel

It’s so painful to see the truth and keep quiet for fear of being tagged an enemy. People who say the truth are hated but those who play up to the gallery are loved for their dishonesty and deceitfulness. What manner of man would you rather be? The society tends to abhor decency and truth. Truth has become hate speech and those who speak the truth can end up in trouble.

Imagine dismissing terrorism charges against two Boko Haram suspects on grounds of lack of diligent prosecution by the office of the AGF and this is a group that has killed over 100,000 and displaced two million going by the estimates over the years.

Two million, one hundred and fourteen thousand (2,114,000) persons were internally displaced as at December of 2016, with five hundred and thirty-seven thousand, eight hundred and fifteen (537,815) in separate camps; 158,201 are at official camps that consists of six centres with two transit camps in Maiduguri.

There are 379,614 IDP’S at 15 satellite camps. 73,404 persons were forced to become refugees in neighbouring countries with Niger having 11,402 and Cameroon having 62,002.

There is an official record of 52,311 orphans who are separated and unaccompanied. There are 54,911 widows who have lost their husbands to the insurgency.

An initial post-insurgency Recovery and Peace Building Assessment, RPBA, report on the north-east in 2016 (forget the period of 2017 to the current time)which was jointly validated by the World Bank, the European Union, the presidency and the six states of the north-east, had it that Boko Haram has inflicted damages to the tune of $9 billion in the region. The destruction in Borno State amounts to $6 billion as supported by statistics.

Yet, the Nigerian legal system dared to dismiss terrorism charges against members of this group. This also means that those who did not shed blood or carried dangerous arms like Boko Haram and herdsmen deserve national honours.

Nigerians have received the gospel of peace. What is going on has little or nothing to do with religion. The fact that the only Christian girl, Leah Sharibu was not among the freed Dapchi girls has nothing to do with her being a Christian. It was a mere religious coincidence. Leah Sharibu is just unfortunate. In fact, she is so unfortunate that she is not even aware that her family has been thrown into another mourning since her disappearance.

Who would tell the sole remaining hostage of the Dapchi mass abduction that her family was thrown into another mourning on the loss of her great uncle while she is still in Boko Haram captivity?

It has been said that the name Leah has nothing to do with her continued captivity.

So, it has nothing to do with religion. Therefore nobody should accuse Boko Haram or herdsmen of perpetrating islamization .

It was the stupid ghost of the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi who trained, turned these gentlemen into Boko Haram terrorists and killer herdsmen that should be blamed.

That is the truth.

Even the sage said so. According to him, the problem is even older than Nigeria. It has always been there but now made worse by the influx of armed gunmen from the Sahel region into different parts of the West African sub-region. These gunmen were trained and armed by Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. When Gaddafi was killed, the gunmen escaped with their arms. These are Boko Haram members and the herdsmen we have today. Herdsmen that we used to know carried only sticks and maybe a cutlass to clear the way but these ones now carry sophisticated weapons. The problem is not religious, but sociological and economic.

There is no greater truth than this. So, these gentlemen, sorry, I mean herdsmen are not terrorists. They are not even Nigerians and yet they have a leeway into Nigeria, wreaking havoc while the powers that be hesitate to take drastic action to stop them.

Now, instead of disarming herdsmen, vigilante groups and individuals who are armed to defend their communities have been disarmed.

In all these, some members of Biafra agitation groups have been languishing in detention for years. Yet they have never borne arms and ammunition nor shed any blood.

Ce n’est rien que la justice debout sur sa tête. (This is nothing but justice standing on its head)

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