April 2, 2018

Just in: Gombe youths allegedly hold Senator hostage


By Nwafor Sunday

Reports have it that the senator representing Gombe south constituency has been held hostage by the youths of his constituency protesting for negligent, abandonment and non-performance of the Senator.

The youths were also demanding for his stewardship account since he assumed office in 2015 under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.


Ibrahim Wala, an activist, who disclosed in a Facebook live video on Monday, said that the senator visited Balanga local government headquarters and was prevented from leaving the place.

In his statement according to the cable, “I think it is important for people to understand that our politicians are becoming some form of threat to us. I’m getting a situation report from Gombe state – Balanga local government, there is a situation going on.

“There is a kind of standoff between some of the youth of Balanga local government. They are calling on the senator representing Gombe south, Joshua Lidani who is on a visit to the local government headquarters. He is having difficulty getting out of the local government. It appears all the youth in the area are saying ‘no’, they don’t want to see him, they want him to account for his stewardship.

“Ever since he was appointed, he abandoned them, he has never gone to see them for a day. Today he paid a visit there”, Wala said.

Further reports said that the Nigerian army thronged in the area and rescued the senator without harming anybody.