April 14, 2018

Imo: Sam Daddy’s Curious Governorship Declaration

Samuel Anyanwu

Samuel Anyanwu


Senator Samuel Anyanwu, popularly known as Sam Daddy is a very lucky man. And he has been exceptionally lucky in politics. As a man who served Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu faithfully in politics, his rewards have been bountiful.

From a local government chairman, he became a member of the Imo State House of Assembly and finally rose to the dizzying height of a senator. Some said his becoming a senator was an accident that may not happen twice.

Samuel Anyanwu

But he also got lucky when as a rookie Senator, he was appointed chairman of a committee, a very powerful one at that. To his credit, the man has been visible in the Senate, and the people of Imo East (Owerri Zone) should be proud of him.

After chalking up these positions, it was not surprising that Sam Daddy should aim higher – the coveted seat of Imo governorship. The right question is: what is wrong in that? He is qualified. He may have the resources. Some may question his pedigree.

Some may compare him with the current governor, Rochas Okorocha and fear for Imo since they emerged from the same background. But after everything, he is constitutionally entitled to seek that office, his glaring limitations notwithstanding.

When it was still on the realm of speculations that Senator Anyanwu will contest the governorship, his god father, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu offered his support. But other notable Owerri Zone indigenes differed, saying that Sam Daddy is hardly the man that will win the governorship for them.

In fact a long time ally of Iwuanyanwu, Chief J.C. Odunna threatened to proceed on exile should Sam Daddy be lucky this time again to be governor. But that is what politics is all about, support here, disagreement there and rejection somewhere.

However, what is curious is that Senator ANyanwu declared his ambition on Holy Thursday among PDP faithful from local government party executives to the state exco without the symbol of the party, the umbrella being present. More than curious? From the brochure used in the declaration to his posters, the party’s symbol and logo were conspicuously missing.

The natural question to ask is this: Is Sam Daddy actually contesting for the governorship under PDP? If he is, does it mean he is ashamed of the party? If he is not, why treat the symbol of the party with such disdain?

One thing that also stood out was that no member of the party’s exco raised the issue. Were they in collusion with the Senator or was it a sheer dereliction of duty aided by impending perks?   Or is there something they know which other members of PDP are not privy to? This abdication of responsibility by the top PDP officials has raised questions as to where their loyalty lies especially since after the Sheriff/Makarfi imbroglio.

Indeed, not a few have raised the issue that during those days when men were expected to take a stand and declare where they stood, Sam Daddy stood on the fence. He was neither cold nor warm. Now that the battle has been fought and won, he wants to be a beneficiary, to deny those who sowed during the planting season, the joy of reaping the fruits of their labour. Although, in politics, morals become the first casualty, what is fair in this case? Does it not smack of opportunism for such a man to ride at the back of those who fought for the victory of PDP to attempt to win the Imo governorship?

But again, that is if Sam Daddy is actually still a loyal member of PDP. Given his past relationship with Gov. Okorocha, given his relationship with the Senate President, could it be that this Senator is bidding his time before moving on?

This theory is tenable for those who swore that Sam Daddy’s declaration for governorship is a mere attempt to instigate crisis in the party so as to help the opposition gain upper hand in 2019 elections. While none of these can be proved, can the Senator tell Imo PDP why he chose to abandon the PDP’s logo in all his posters and the brochure he used for the declarations?

Most times, those who have gone ahead to move against the PDP have been those who benefited most from the party. Bukola Saraki, Rotimi Amaechi, Kwankwaso, Wammako and almost all those who defected to APC after the  crisis in PDP benefited from the party substantially before driving the knife deep at its back. President Obasanjo also slapped the party with betrayal after being president without winning his ward. Could it be that these are Sam Daddy’s role models? Only time will tell.

But before then, it is germane for the Senator to come clean and tell PDP why its logo was missing at the declaration brochure and his posters. A timely explanation will help douse the curiosity pervading the political atmosphere. Sam Daddy should not make himself a political bat that is neither an animal nor a bird. We are watching and waiting!