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FG blames past govts for the state of the nation: Nigerians react

Even if it’s the case, they should fix it —Leonard Chukwuma, Businessman

The APC Constituted Federal Government, I think, is an accidental government. The reason is very simple: No prepared political party would contest for federal government leadership, without having the blue prints of what the   government which they came to unseat are lacking and how to fix it.

Also, the federal government with their blame games doesn’t really understand the Nigerian structures and how it works, because if they do, they could have created another leadership formation since the one they came in with isn’t working. Perhaps, the age factor of the key players in this government is affecting them negatively by obstructing their mind and convincing them that all is well, even when nothing is well at all.

But the President promised to change things for good —Azeez Oyeniyi Okuku, Lecturer

Successive administrations were responsible for the state of things before Buhari was given the mandate, but he promised to change things for good.

The whole essence of government   is welfarism and Buhari’s administration has not made good his fantastic promises.The current administration is responsible for its flaws and I don’t think a second term can redeem it because Nigerians want real change.

It shows its level of irresponsibility —Oves Omoeni Ovesuor, Pharmasist

That is laughable. It simply reveals its level of irresponsibility. A responsible government will take responsibility for its policies, while an irresponsible government will always blame it on its predecessors (and that’s what this government is known for).

Almost no reasonable and sane Nigerian has any atom of confidence left in this government, not even those who voted them, and that’s because it has served Nigerians with blame games instead of results.

Only sycophants still sing praises of this government – the chief among whom is Yahaya Bello of Kogi, and one of my classmates and colleagues whose brain I’m sure, has been hacked.

This administration has no blueprint to govern —Funmilayo Adeniyi,Accountant

To start with, it appears that the current administration has no blueprint to govern. Nigerians knew that the past administration was not too good so they voted for Buhari in order to have a change and a better government not for this administration to remind us of how bad the past one was.

An administration can fail for 3years but the leader of such administration should take the blame and learn from his failure to make a better government and not blame his predecessor.

This government has failed woefully —Moses Ighodaro, Radio Presenter

I personally think this government has failed in 90% of its promises to Nigerians and instead of them to take the blame and shame they are looking for excuses by blaming the past government.

For me, this administration has performed way below average and it is so surprising that Buhari still wants to contest. My candid advice is that APC should get another candidate to contest and let Buhari go and rest.

The past government is to blame —Daisy, Entrepreneur

I think the past government is to be blamed because things were not   managed properly and one can’t just wake up in a day and fix Nigeria like that. Too many underlying problems built up to cause whatever we are experiencing now.

It’s only an excuse for non-performance —Abiodun O, Engineer

I think the current government should sit up and proffer solutions to the challenges facing us as a nation. Less emphasis should be placed on the previous governments. The blame game should stop, blaming previous governments is only an excuse for non-performance.

The resources employed in the blame game should be channeled to improving the lots of Nigerians. It may be difficult to ascertain if a second term can redeem the current administration. The government of the day has spent three of its four years, with nothing to show for it.

There is absolutely no indication that another four years would be different. Maybe for the benefit of doubt, we may want to consider them for another four years.

Trading blames won’t take us anywhere —Ekwueme Chibuzor

It is said in the Holy Book that the more we blame the past, the less progress we make in future. We can’t change the past but we can succeed in the future.

Trading blames won’t take us anywhere.  The government can’t fix Nigeria. Prayers alone can’t fix Nigeria.


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