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We don’t need any Bill Gates to tell us the way out – Issa Aremu

Vanguard Economic Discourse live update

Opeyemi Agbaje, panelist
We need to change the incentive of government. Our first job is a political struggle and that is to change the political structure of this country.

If we don’t change the tax structure of this country, we are not going to have a country.

Comrade Issa Aremu, panelist
We need to reinvent our railway. There is no way we can carry 180 million people without the railway.

You cannot talk of prices of capital without talking of price of labour.

We don’t need any Bill Gates to tell us that the way out is us to invest in human capital.
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Bode Ugusto Keynote Speaker Vanguard Economic Discourse
Federal government likes it or not, they have to cut cost – Bode Ugusto

They do not go to school for free in the UK, they used to pay £3000 but it is now £9000. They are way richer than us but they do not give education for free.

We did pension reforms but what have we done? Some people want to take us back to the old scheme, the old scheme blows a big hole in the budget.

You don’t attack corruption directly, if you attack it directly, it will consume you. Like the hot soup, you lick it slowly.

Bode Ugusto

Monetary policy
We should be more interested in growth and employment.

Government needs to allow the private sector to control and manage key sectors of the economy.

Allow the producers of goods and services to manage the economy.

We need to invest in railway and power.

When you negotiate in subsidy, it will not blow away your budget.

As regards power, I believe the Federal Government should not own the national grid, lock, stock and barrel.

Security is the reason that government adduces for keep on holding on to the National grid.

The federal government likes it or not, they have to cut cost. We must sell some oil and gas assets to links states by road or rail to Abuja. We need to invest in the national grid—-
The government should maintain very strong financial base.

The Abuja club. They do not forgive debts.

How do we fix debts and financiers of FG. Reduce costs.

We want the Federal Government to implement policies that will aid growth.

The third important role of the Central bank is to ensure that the economy is healthy. We must make choices.


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