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There is nobody in the country who the hardship is not affecting, Clergies go philosophical

Abuja – Christians in Abuja have said that the lingering economic challenges in the country would not affect their Easter celebrations.

They said that their source of happiness is not dependent on the economy of the country, but on the economy of heaven.

The faithful made this known on Sunday during the Easter celebrations to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in Abuja.

Some churches in Kubwa embarked on series of prayers to strengthen the faith of Christians in line with the sacrifices of Jesus.

Mr Marcel Anyatonwu, Public Relation Officer, St. Luke Catholic Church, Kubwa, said that the present economic hardship was a reminder to the church about the persecution of Christ.

A young girl is comforted as she cries during a dramatisation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to mark Good Friday, heralding the start of Easter celebrations, in Lagos on March 30, 2018.
Nigerian Christian faithful have joined others worldwide as they start to celebrate the Easter festival as armed bandits killed six miners in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna state, police said, an area beset with ethnic and religious tensions with frequent clashes between farmers and herders. / AFP PHOTO /

“There is nobody in the country who the hardship is not affecting in one way or the other, but the degree differs, but anyhow, we will celebrate the Easter.

“It is the joy of every Christian that Easter is here, we celebrate it despite the hardship.

“What Easter reminds us of is more important than what we are going through. Christ himself went through this hardship for 40 days and at last he overcame death and resurrected.

“It is also a lesson for us that despite the hardships we are going through, our Easter is close at hand, we will resurrect with Christ.

“The joy it brings is something we have to celebrate. It is something that gives us hope that one day, we will overcome all the hardships,’’ Anyatonwu said.

Mr Emmanuel Eze, Chairman, Board of Church Warden, St. Luke Catholic Church, Kubwa, noted that Christians should prepare themselves spiritually and physically in order to celebrate the Easter.

According to him, Easter is a celebration that is worth preparing for, because it comes once in a year.

“It is a celebration that mark the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“It is a good celebration which despite the economic challenges we still need to prepare and celebrate spiritually and physically in the little way we can.’’

Mr Anyebe Maben of the United Evangelical Church, Kubwa said the importance of Easter celebration is to reflect on the salvation that was brought by Jesus Christ.

Maben stressed that Christians should not be concerned about how much money they have to celebrate the Easter, but should be more concerned about how much they have contributed to the church.

“In a sense, the economy has never been good, but the economy of heaven does not have problem anytime, that’s why we are Christians.

“I think the imperative of Easter celebration to us is the salvation that came with it; it’s not really about how much money you have in your pocket at a time.

“It is how much work done by individuals on behalf of the Church. I think that is what is more important to us as Christians.

“It is also important for people to know that when there are challenges, it is important to take the matter to God.

“People need to get closer to God and also for us to divert our attention from man to God, because the solution does not really lie on man, it lies in God.’’ Maben noted.

Rev. Akpan Udoyen, Superintendent Pastor of United Evangelical Church, Kubwa described the economy of heaven as different and better to the economy on earth.

Udoyen, however, said even if the economy of the country cannot provide for the people, the store house of God is inexhaustible.

“The economy of the church is not dependent on the economy of the government. We look through and depend fully on the economy of heaven, the store house of God is inexhaustible.

“We believe He is providing for us and His provision never fails.

“We are not looking at the workability of the economy of the country, we are looking at the workability of the economy of heaven,’’ he said. (NAN)


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