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Confession of a Lagos Housewife ” How I almost lost My Marriage due to My Man’s Incompetence in the Bedroom Until we Came across a Medical Breakthrough Solution from an Expert”



I am Nkechi, a Lagos Based house wife and I had a very special issue that needed to be dealt with urgently, it almost ruined my marriage of over 8 years.
I and my husband had a very beautiful life together, but that was until two years into our marriage, just after we had our first and only child.`
Danny as I fondly call him had lost his job then and would not have me work, he said it was his duty to provide for his family and believed that our child would need all my attention.
I used to be a marketer at one of the leading banks, while he worked with an oil firm but was retrenched due to certain unclear circumstances.
The quest for a job took a toll on my husband because we had debts to offset, so many bills left unpaid.
During that period, Danny will go out very early only to come back very late at night. The time spent however, did not reflect on our economic status.
We were not begging but we could tell that the family was digging too deep into its reserves.
After about a year and no serious job forthcoming, Danny decided he would go into a business of his own.
He started a business with the little we had saved over the years, he gave it his all, time, body and soul.
Danny could be very determined and that was the spirit he put into the business, however, it was our home that suffered the brunt.
Gradually I began to feel the detachment from him, he was more connected with making the business boom, there was little or no time for me and my little boy.
Our s3x life was almost dead and when we did have anything intimate it was shabby at best.
He gave numerous excuses of why his performance had drastically come to an all time low, from business thoughts to the Lagos stress that is always tied to the ever present gridlocks for no just cause.
I cried severally because i was starved not just of both love and s3x, perhaps you might think I am vain but please don’t judge me till you have walked a mile in my shoes.
Danny could not hold his own for even five minutes, no sooner than he gets in and the milk is spilt. He said he had tried several things but they just don’t work.
For months and then over a year, things continued the same way. After a while, I gave up totally, resigning to fate.
Good thing is, the business started to grown miraculously, but the more it grew, the distant my husband became from me.
There was no day without a meeting, the weekends were spent virtually at his business place, only on rare occasions did I and my son go visiting there.
I was idle, and perhaps that was the avenue for certain things to happen, things I am not so proud to mention.
The Most crazy of all that I began to indulge in, is basically living on socio-media. While I bore my heart in subtle Tweets and Facebook posts, I wore a hypocritical look on Instagram.
My photos bearing faked smiles, hid my inner torment, but there was this guy who could read between the lines, he introduced himself to me as Augustine.
He was about 5 years younger than myself and 9 years younger than my husband. But he was smart and witty, I was caught off-guard.
Augustine made me pour my heart to him in such a way that I felt exposed, and before I could blink, we were dating.
From internet chats we advanced to calls and texts, before I knew it, I was inviting this young man into my matrimonial home.
He was young but Augustine sure did know how to treat a lady, there was never a boring moment with him, as his wits exuded effortlessly.
Soon I was almost forgetting that I had a husband, it was more like living with yet another flat mate, as all we did whenever my husband got back from work was brief chats (boring) and off to bed.
Whenever he got into his room to sleep, I got talking with Augustine under the guise of staying with my tender son. We would do all sorts of crazy stuffs over the phone and I felt like a teenager again.
Please don’t blame me at all as my body is not a stone. The first day I and Augustine made love, it stirred a wild passion in me and I could not get enough of him. I would invite him over on certain weekends; we would meet up at his place on other days. One faithful day after making fun I used woman trick to know what he is using to satisfied me for over 25 minutes with his big rod because I won’t lie to you I always scream ‘is enough, please am satisfied’ but this guy rod doesn’t get tired.
Thank God Augustine revealed his secret to me and I quickly try to find Augustine’s big rod and over 25 minutes performance secret. Immediately I got it, I dropped Augustine because I still love my husband and I believe that he can do better too with this secret.
Few days after, my husband birthday came up and I presented him a gift. You care to know the kind of gift that I presented to my husband?
Hmm! I presented Augustine big rod and over 25 minutes performance secret, my husband asked me what it is though and I explained to him that my friend’s husband is using it to satisfy her and that is the secret of their happy home.
My husband applied the secret gift same day, we made love that night and his performance improved a little bit because i enjoyed it though.
Guess what? The fifth day my husband started applying this gift, Our marriage started smoothing till today.

Will you like to discover the Augustine’s secret that saved my marriage from cheating on my husband? Mind you this frustration used to make all woman to take wrong step without letting their husband knows just like me…..
You need to hear from this expert himself whom i found that has the same secret on how he got cured finally without any side effect, plus his own special story on how he became an expert in this field…….
S3xual performance is something that every woman, whether they admit it or not, will place a huge emphasis on.
The sensation of being with a guy who can perform, and make them feel that way, cannot be imagined or compared to anything
Unfortunately, this isn’t a subject of where practice make perfect and some things are just out of your control.
Your penis can always be that little bigger and thicker, while at the same time your s3xual encounters could always last that little bit longer at least for her.
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This No side Effect Natural herbal Solution Already Helped over 1500 Men To Last Longer, Correct Penis weakness,& Double Their Penis Size. See their unsolicited testimonies:   “An instant increase of .5 inches and she loved it”    My wife ordered the Ultimate Herbal Capsule, Zeese oil and Solution Herbal Plus from your store. and she insisted I give it a try. I am now 53 and I have tried all kinds of medications just to help me get good erections and stay longer    At the end of the first week of using the Ultimate Herbal Capsule and Zeese Oil, I started to notice that my erections were more   frequent and i dont release too fast during s3x with my wife. I don’t know how it works, but to me, it is God sent. thanks for this wonderful product.

“My wife wants s3x every day!”
I have been using Ultimate capsule and Zeese oil for some time now, within the first few days I noticed difference in erection.
Though s3x with my wife was not very bad before, since I gained a few centimeters with this products, both of us are so thrilled that we don’t leave bed for hours! 
Now my penis is 3.4 cm longer than before – in flaccid state and in erection!
I am especially glad that it doesn’t only concern length, but my girl also likes it a bit wider as it is now! THANK YOU!*
Mr Olawale, Adamawa, 40 Years

Here is Another
    “Immediate results in a week!”
I bought the Ultimate capsule and Zeese oil about 2 weeks ago and have been using it 
I’ve also started recently using it in the shower at low pressure for  10 to 15 minutes a few times. 
 Here’s where my results started to get interesting. and I was saying to Myself DAMN my pen1s looks huge, very thick and heavy   
My pen1s has NEVER been this thick before, so I went into the bedroom where my wife was watching TV   
I grabbed her hand and put it on my penis and said feel how thick this is 
 She said in a scared voice
“what did you do to it?”   
her Pyjamas off quick I want to try this thing out.   We had one of the best s3x we’ve had in a while.
She moaned like never before and I could tell she enjoyed it. 
When we were done she asked if I was on v1agra or something I said “no” and laughed.  
Thanks Adeoti, I owe you guys BIG 
Mr Adebayo Ebonyi

Yet another satisfied buyer
              “It works fast and hard..very hard!
It works fast and hard… very hard!
During the first week there were no results,
but after that I realized I had a firmer and stronger erection.
Before, it would take some time but with Ultimate Herbal,
My erection comes fast and hard, very hard..
I now average 26-31 minutes on first round.  
Unlike most that have used,
the Ultimate capsule didn’t give me headache or any pains.  

Mr Akeredolu, Akure  

“Here Is the New Japanese Made 100% Natural Plant Massage Oil That I Used To Increase The Size Of My Penis…and has helped over 1,500 Nigerian Men And the complementary Product Happens to be Best Penis Enlargement  Oil of 2018 *Based on Expert Review*


Believe me; I measured several times to make sure this was for real.
. I took out a measuring tape and measured my penis….
.  It had increased from the tiny 3.7 inches to a surprising 5.6 inches… in less than 3 weeks!
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·     These ointments application works to give you an erection.

 Now, I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on these GUARANTEED solutions…
Hence, I’m ready to further make it easier and cheaper for you;
If not for anything, to show you that the solutions actually work and will work for you guaranteed.

We have Only 100 bottle pack of Ultimate herbal Capsule and Zeese Oil Available And Its Strictly First Come First Serve!

The Ultimate Herbal Capsule is N16,000 payment On delivery If  you Order Today!

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Ultimate Herbal Capsule only is N16,000

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Both is N22,000

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The one reason why this is very important is that; most times premature ejaculation is always caused my infections. And without treating them you only sabotaging your efforts. Best part is that you get this 100 percent herbal antibiotic for free when you place order today. However, I must warn that ONLY those who place their order right away gets this STD killer “Solution Herbal Plus Antibiotic“. Approved by Nafdac No: A7 – 9368L If you procrastinate further, you may not get it. So, this is a no brainer… Get the 2-in-1 solution now, get the extra FREE bonus.
To Erase the Fear of Been Scammed We Now offer Cash on Delivery to Any Part of Nigeria

You will only pay when this Product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company. We call it ==> Pay on Delivery
A. All Shipments are sent in discreet packaging without images or text that could suggest the contents. The shipping documents and invoice are discreet as well.  

How To Order

Depending on the product that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for only “Ultimate Capsule “… indicate the code Ultimate Capsule  in your text message…

*If you are ordering for only “Zeese-oil”…

Indicate it “Zeese-Oil” in your text message…
*If you want to order for the 2 products together… text “Both”…

Ultimate Capsule  ONLY – N16,000
Packs of Zeese-Oil ONLY – N13,000
Ultimate + Zeese-OIL (Both) – N22,000

Here’s what to send to us…

Your Full Name
Your Phone Number (s)
Delivery Address
Product Code (Ultimate ,Zeese-oil, Both 
Send This Information as a text Message to  081-3561-9535
NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you. You will get a sms and call from us within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you.
Once you get a call from us to confirm your order details your product would be sent to our courier partner and should get to you within 2-5working days.



If you live in Lagos, or Nearby, you can also walk into our marketing department office to pick up the Products.You will meet our team ready to give you these Products at same Price…That is you Pay at our office, and get it instantly.
Fastfinity Marketing Enterprise
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That is all you have to do to place order and get your own bottles of the Zeese Enlargement Oil and Ultimate Herbal Capsules. Remember, if you procrastinate on this, two things are bound to happen:     

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Here’s How to Order for Your own Ultimate Herbal CAPSULES & Zeese – OIL at a Discount Price today
Depending on the product that you are ordering for…

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Ultimate Capsule ONLY – N16,000 
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Here’s what to send to us…

Text the CODE with the following Information below…

1. Your Full Name
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Please Note: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you. You will get a SMS and Call from us within 24 hours to confirm your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.

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That is all you have to do, you get your man-hood to the Size you have always Dreamt of, and last longer than you ever imagined.
Don’t slack ,hence you Might lose out

~Philips Adeoti


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