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We caught fetish pastor in broad daylight – Primate Ademisokun-Turton

•Says Cherubim and Seraphim Church members have the gift to see tomorrow

By Dayo Johnson, Regional Editor, South-West

Primate (Dr) Ade Ademisokun-Turton, aka  “ Onibode”, is the President of Ondo State Unification of Leaders of Cherubim and Seraphim Church and founder of Success Gate C&S Christ’s Church International with headquarters in Akure.

•Primate (Dr) Ade Ademisokun-Turton

He speaks, in this piece,  on the church convention and  34th  anniversary,   the unification of C&S,  leadership challenges, among others.

The church is planning a special  annual convention. What is the essence of the convention.?

The convention is in fulfilment of what can be described as pass-over because convention started in Egypt before Israelites stated their journey  to Israel.  It was an ordinance and it was supposed to be an annual festival. For years, we’ve been having that convention and God is showing his power and faithfulness.

How long has this  church been in existence and what do you hope to achieve in this anniversary?

The church is 34 years  and much has  been achieved in terms of spread which  can be attributed to the efficacy of prayers. The impact of the prayer is manifesting in the lives of people changing to Christ and, not just changing but also  accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

That is our main calling and, since then, we’ve been able to have schools,hospitals and television programmes. We are currently in the United States, United Kingdom, across Europe, South Africa and we are spreading across Nigeria.

There is this perception that Cherubim and Seraphim Church is fetish.

Yes, I have heard about it . There is no doubt about that fact , that the perception exist. But the truth of the matter is that people may pretend not to know the truth. People know that Cherubim and Seraphim Church is from and of God.

Hardly will you any family in the South-West that has not had members in Cherubim and Seraphim Church at one time or another. But because there was no central control for the church, every Tom, Dick and Harry started founding the church. Then you have the church usher becoming a founder .

That’s where we missed it. But the spirit of God is still  in the church .One of the reasons  we have the issue of  proliferation is the fulfilment of the Bible itself. If Cherubim and Seraphim Church is not a genuine church,  it will not be spreading across the globe, but  people recognize it as genuine way to really seek the face of God,  get solution to their problems because we are gifted to see tomorrow.

People  want to solve their problems and they want to know what is ahead of them, that is one of the reasons we have impostors and charlatans within the C&S. We are genuine Christians because we are  original. The church is the first pentecostal church in  Africa. So, you will only counterfeit what is worthwhile.

What are doing as the President of the unification of the church to control charlatans that you mentioned?

We are doing streamlining and it is  yielding result. Not too long ago, we  closed down about four churches because we don’t want them to keep tarnishing the image of C&S. We caught one of the boys who  was  fetish  in  broad day light ,everything he  relied  upon was burnt publicly and in his presence.

The fear of our unification is the beginning of wisdom in the Cherubim and Seraphim now. In fact, they too are fighting back, they are trying to blackmail us, they are saying evil of us and even orchestrating what can smear our name ,but we are not bothered; we are going ahead because we have an assignment that must be accomplished and  God has been supporting us.

Another thing we are doing  is to do the census of the church. We want to know how many C&S we have around and we are investigating the origin of their  founders because we discovered that there are some people who have never been to C&S before, but are now founders.

Even now that we have the unification that is so strong and powerful ,we still have a group of charlatans. We call them Cherubim and Seraphim Boko -Haram. We are still talking to them. We don’t want to go to war with them . Repentance is what is required.

We are talking to them, that this will not last: Extorting and exploiting people, deceiving people in the name of church and smearing the name of genuine anointed men of God .Many of them are changing but some of them are still adamant . We’ve warned them but if they continue  tarnishing the   image of the church,  we will have no option than to  prosecute them according to our law and statutes.

Now we’ve been able to address our dressing system . In the past some people will dress like a masquerade and the time of our service is refined now. We don’t want to disown them and that is why we opened a special Bible class for them. So, if any of them want to do the work of God, there are  vacancies in the house of God  but they need to be trained.

Then,   those who are not called should stay away from deceiving people and should tell us that what they are interested in. We need volunteers, who will help to bring these fake pastors to the minimum, fake pastors are all over the place  now, both in the  professions and  churches, including the police and the army because there is poverty in the land.


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