By Dr. Francis Akin-John

They recognize the reality of the spiritual war. They respect the enemy’s power without ever for-getting they’re following the Conqueror.

  1. They practicalize the Word. Just listen to them talk. They sprinkle the Word throughout their conversations, without drawing attention to themselves. It’s just natural to them.
  2. They fight sin in their personal lives and in the lives of their congrega-tions. They know that God hates and loathes sins with passion. They take courageous actions to do away with besetting sins in their lives and that of their churches.
  3. They know they could always fall. They are never so arrogant as to think failure could not happen to them. Even the possibility of bringing shame to Christ keeps them on their face before Him.
  4. They study the stories of other spiritual leaders. Usually, they do this through reading bio-graphies and autobio-graphies. They allow even those who preceded them to teach them via print.
  5. They drip of humility. They could easily fall into pride, but they continually fight hard against that tendency. They always deflect any praise sent their way.
  6. They have their own mentors. These leaders never lead alone; they have others who help them guard their heart, push them to continue grow-ing, and challenge them to lead better.
  7. They make decisions and move on. They pray, seek God through His Word, talk to other trust-ed believers, and press on. Seldom do they get bogged down with second-guessing their decisions.
  8. They invest in others. That is, they recognize their responsibility to raise up another gen-eration of spiritual lead-ers. Their ministry does-n’t end with them.
  9. They live with intentionality. It seems like every step they take has a clear purpose. Noth-ing—from their personal walk to their public ministry—ever seems haphazard.
  10. They seek the infilling and power of the Holy Spirit always. Sound spirit-ual leaders know they cannot do anything with-out the presence and power of the blessed Holy Spirit in their lives. They therefore seek His leading and guidance in all they do.

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