April 17, 2018

11 Plc introduces new product to reduce air pollution in Nigeria

11 Plc introduces new product to reduce air pollution in Nigeria

Cyril Odu, Executive Vice Chairman, Mobil Producing Nigeria (left) and Engr. Ernest Nwapa, Exec. Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB), inspecting the first ever set of made-in-Nigeria pipes to be deployed in an oil and gas installation.

By Ediri Ejoh & Elizabeth Adegbesan

11 PLC, formerly called Mobil Oil Nigeria plc, has launched its Mobil Pegasus 1005 premium natural gas engine oil, in a bid to address the challenges of gas emission associated with modern engine design products in Nigeria.

According to the company, the product manufactured and distributed into the market of some countries in 2007,was designed to provide high output, low-emission four-cycle gas engines while maintaining superior performance in earlier model engines.

This was disclosed by the Director, Lubricants, 11 PLC, Thomas Dietz, during a seminar held in Lagos.

Stating the features and relevance of the product to Nigerian market, Dietz said: “The Mobil Pegasus 1005 gas engine oil was created to address the challenges of modern gas engine design and operations of companies and factories. The oil is particularly suited for today’s high output, low emissions, and four cycle gas engines.

‘’It has an outstanding engine cleanliness, oxidization stability and nitration resistance, addictive retention, thermal stability, exceptional wear and corrosion protection, low temperature performance and base stock quality.”

According to Dietz, the application benefits of the new product would increase the revenue of the gas engine operator, reduces the maintenance cost of engines and gives the user satisfaction and peace of mind.

He said, “11 Plc aims to run 10 to 15 field demonstrations over a period of 1 year, with different customers, using Mobil Pegasus 805 and/or competitive gas engine oil with the objective of improving productivity of customer’ gas engines. 11 Plc’ expert Field Engineering Services (FES) team will closely monitor these field demonstrations backed by borescope inspection of engine internal and Mobil’ expert used oil analysis program – Mobilserv.”

‘’After successful field demonstration, Mobil Pegasus 1005 would be made available to all customers, to choose between Mobil Pegasus 1005 and Mobil Pegasus 805. Mobil Pegasus oil has experienced various improvements from 705, 805, 905 and presently 1005.’’

Citing some proof of performance of the oil in some countries, he said: “An energy company in the Netherlands wanted to extend oil drain intervals in its MWM TBG 620 gas engine beyond every 750 hours. ExxonMobil specialists suggested switching to Mobil Pegasus 1005 to double intervals.

‘’Following this advice, the company closely monitored lubricant condition through used oil analysis every 250 hours. Even with oil drain intervals of 1,500 hours, the combustion area, piston, liners and valve head area remained clean and well protected. Switching to Mobil Pegasus 1005 saves the company over 65,000 euros each year.

“A district energy company in the United Kingdom after upgrading to Mobil Pegasus 1005 extended its Caterpillar 3516 C oil drain intervals by 150 percent. The annual savings of the company was approximately 21,600 euro as a result of increased equipment availability, reduced annual o consumption and cost and lower maintenance and oil disposal costs.

‘’A Colombian Company that switched to Mobile Pegasus 1005 to enhance the efficiency, reliability and availability of their fleet of GE Jenbacher JGC320 and JG620 gas engines successfully extended oil change intervals from 1,100 hours to more than 12,000 hours and 20,000 hours for the equipment respectively. The company realized an annual savings of more than $187,000.”