March 28, 2018

World sleep day: Lack of sleep awareness bane of Nigeria’s bad leadership

NSP advocates healthy sleep culture for children’s growth, academic excellence

Sleeping lady

…As Vita foam furnishes first govt sleep laboratory

By Providence Emmanuel

Nigeria’s current economic challenge traced to years of bad leadership has been attributed to lack of better sleep awareness just as VitaFoam Nigeria Plc furnished the first government sleep laboratory at the Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos with mattresses, pillows, beds, among others to enhance the sleeping conditions of people with sleep challenges.

Sleeping lady

Speaking at the “World Sleep Day 2018” in Lagos, Managing Director, Vita Foam Nigeria Plc, Mr. Tayo Adeniyi, said that the organizational cost of insufficient sleep from a report, shows that Sleep-awareness programs can produce better leaders.

Adeniyi who was represented by the Group Technical Director, Mr. Abbagana Abatcha, stated: “Much of Nigeria’s current economic challenges which can be traced to years of bad leadership, would have been averted if we had better sleep awareness   programmes in our society.

“Proper and adequate sleep provides several benefits to the individual: Allows our body enough rest in order to face the challenges of the next day; Helps to reinforce our memory and learning ability; Helps to repair the cells of our body; We need to sleep so that we can function optimally both physically and psychologically.

“This year, beyond providing quality sleep products like mattress, pillows, duvet, bedsheet and beds to Nigerians, Vitafoam is giving back to the society by furnishing the first Government Sleep Laboratory at Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Yaba, with quality mattresses, pillows, beds, duvet and bedsheets, to enhance the sleeping conditions of people with sleep challenges.

“We are committed to producing quality and innovative products that will support sleep and we will continue to support World Sleep Day in creating sleep awareness to enable Nigerians achieve a good night’s sleep, so we can produce better leaders for our beloved country Nigeria,” he said.

Medical Director, Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Dr. Oluwayemi Ogun, said that sleep is critical to human beings, adding that it is important for every adult to sleep at least six to seven hours daily to enhance output.

“Sleep is restorative, if you cannot sleep for a whole week, you need to visit the psychiatric hospital for proper medical examination. Sleep deprivation is detrimental to human health.”

However, expert in sleep medicine, Dr Adeoye Adefemi, described sleep as a reversible state characterized by behavioral quiescence and diminished responsiveness to external stimuli compared to the waking state.