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Trending tweets on Naomi Campbell and Buhari’s meeting

Many have hailed and criticised the meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and British model, actress, and singer Naomi Campbell in Lagos during his visit to the Eko Atlantic City site.

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbel and President Buharil in Lagos

One would ask what is wrong in the President meeting a stunning black and beautiful woman during an event?

A reaction by @GovernorBello read
Me – Baba, how are you? Please can I borrow Naomi Campbell when you are done?

PMB – To come and do what?

Me – I have some ongoing projects in Lokoja I want to show her.

PMB – Bello, if I agree will you stop coming to Aso Rock every week?

Me – Baba, never mind. I have 3 wives

Another by @toluogunlesi said: Naomi Campbell met Nelson Mandela more than once.

He hugged her, called her his “honorary granddaughter”.

She visits Nigeria for a fashion festival and meets President @MBuhari, and some of you animals are slandering her.


He also further clarifed his tweet with: ‘I’d like to clarify. I would NEVER describe/think of Nigerians, or those who disagree with me, as ‘animals’. My comment is specific to those who thought it appropriate to denigrate/“slander” Naomi Campbell. Tweet should have been worded clearer & less provocatively. Lesson learnt


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