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March 25, 2018

Nigerian culture and fashion meet in London

Nigerian culture and fashion meet in London

Grafiti designs in print

By Chris Onuoha

In the evolving creative community in Africa, arts and designs in various media have remained a major focus and center of global interest.  Practitioners from different sectors have not relented, building bridges to close the gap. This however, has brought all practitioners including visual artists, fashion designers and others closer to achieve one purpose which is elevating art and culture.

Grafiti designs in print

As Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and London (AFWN/L), an agency in the forefront of promoting indigenous art is poised to celebrate five outstanding years in business of African art through fashion in the year 2018, it has over the years successfully built a platform for emerging and renowned fashion designers in Africa to showcase exquisite and creative pieces depicting African heritage and culture through fashion.

With the 2018 theme, “African Heritage Arise,”  to hold both in Lagos and London, AFWN/L intends to show reflective contemporary and versatile African pieces that tell the story of our heritage and the pride that comes with being an African. Preparations are underway to exhibit through runway and fashion art fairs, the rich African culture in a different perspective and dimension.

Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, founder and Chief Executive of AFWN/L  in an official release disclosed that the beauty of our textiles have changed beyond the conventional era of simplicity in fashion to pave the way for more creative, colourful and modernistic styles that appeal not just to the older more traditional people but young people all over the world.

“AFWN/L’s objective has remained to create an enabling platform for creative African designers and fashion entrepreneurs to showcase the beauty and creativity of Africa through their designs. Africa Fashion Week London, in its consistency has been the biggest Africa Fashion Festival in the UK and Europe, broadcasted globally with the support of over 200 media partners, providing designers with exposure to a global audience.

“More so, AFWN/L provides opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs and practitioners to showcase in a world-class show here in Lagos and London and also to celebrate young African entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of fashion by using it to make bold statements and create more versatility in their designs and brands,” Princess Ronke said.

According to her, “this year’s edition will feature talented and creative practitioners from various African countries ready to showcase their exquisite pieces on the runway. AFWN/L 2018 will also open its doors to models from all over Africa.