March 24, 2018

NGO to create jobs for N-Delta youths in tourism, culture

NGO to create jobs for N-Delta youths in tourism, culture

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By Chris Ochayi
ABUJA – A non-governmental organization, known as Tilda Goes Green, TLG, has concluded arrangement to launch relevant goals aimed to restore the green economy of the Niger Delta and creating an enabling environment for job opportunities for youths in the region.

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This gesture is expected to be achieved through partnership with corporate bodies and companies to showcase the tourism potentials, culture, heritage and the Aesthetics state of the region.

The founder of the organization, Matilda Gogo Lambert, said her foundation has a 13 goal agenda with a VISION of bringing forth a GREEN Environment in the light of the growing challenges of the climate changes in the Niger Delta.

These goals range from Eco-Culture, Eco Tourism, Eco- Heritage, Eco-Justice, Eco-Fashion, Eco-Village, Eco-Business, Eco-Education, Eco-Marathon, Eco-Lifestyle, Eco-Innovation, Eco- Sense and Eco- Reel.

All these goals will venture into a catch them young project especially in the area of education, innovations, planting of trees and engage the youths in meaningful activities that will better their lives.

Tilda goes green intends to catch them young and take the youths off the street from youth restiveness and other social vices.

With a mission of creating sustainable development programmes as to green the creeks of the Niger Delta, the Nollywood actress cum producer said these goals are achievable with the support of some corporate entities that are willing to partner with her foundation to make them a reality.

According to Tilda, an indigene of Andoni in the Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, “Eco-Education will avail the citizens of the Niger Delta the much needed recognitions for bright and intelligent youths while encouraging others to stay out of crime and criminality.

In her words “We intend to go to schools and organize Eco-related quiz competitions, debates, Art Exhibitions etc as a way of giving back to the society.”

Matilda Gogo Lambert also disclosed that her foundation has concluded plans to go into grassroots sport development and organize a marathon race so as to discover fresh talents in athletics. She added that though no date has been fixed for the marathon race, but the event will take place within the year.

Speaking on what inspired the formation of this non-governmental organization, Matilda Gogo Lambert who is the producer of her latest Nollywood film “Deepest Cut” said she was inspired by the oil spillage that occurred in Andoni local government area where she hails from.

She said the spillage destroyed the livelihood of her people especially her grandfather who could not go fishing for weeks due to the damage done by the oil spills to the river.

Hence, she conceived the idea of floating an NGO that will address the challenges facing her people, and the entire people of the Niger delta.

On his part, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tilda Goes Green

Foundation, Engr. George Iwo said the 13 set goals of the NGO is to restore back the green environment of the Niger delta and showcase the culture and tourism potentials of the region to the world at large.

Engr. George Iwo added that Eco-Culture, Eco-Tourism and Eco-Heritage is aimed at making sure the people all over the globe appreciate the culture and heritage of the Niger delta people and bring them to limelight.

According to him, Eco-Fashion is intended to showcase the Rich fashion of the different ethnic groups that makes up the Niger delta in the form of a Beauty peangent from different spheres of the various ethnic locations.

On Eco-Heritage, he said it will portray the heritage of the different ethnicities in the region giving example of the rich heritage of the Bonny, Andoni, Okrika, Beninand Ibibio people of the Niger Delta just to mention but a few.

He reiterated that the heritage potentials will also speak of the land mass that make up the various ethnic groups in the Niger delta

Speaking further on Eco-Villages as part of the 13 set goals, the Chairman said it is basically to showcase what is in the Niger Delta rural communities for the world to take cognizance of and accord them the due respect.