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ISINGUZO: Not recommening a white man for sack, cost me plum position



In this encounter, Managing Director/Chairman Executive Officer of DOTECON Nigeria Limited Dr. Nnadozie Isinguzo narrates how he capitalised on his deprived background to become the first Ph.D. holder in his community, top player in the Oil and Gas sector and a successful entrepreneur.

In the beginning:

As the second child in a family of four boys and a girl, I saw my father, who was a school teacher struggling to provide good education for us. He would travel to Ibadan to mark West African School Certificate, WASC, examination papers to be able to pay our school fees. And each time he did that he came back from Ibadan sick because of the stress of marking the papers.

Dr. Nnadozie Isinguzo

Whenever I asked him why he was always stressed he told me  his dream was to give us the opportunity he never had. He did not attend a university. It dawned on me that one of the things I can do to encourage him was to work hard to make Grade1 in my secondary school examination and gain admission into the university. This was the turning point  when I was growing up and it drove me to become the first Ph.D. holder in my community. Immediately, after my first degree in Nsukka, I took over the training of all my siblings. Today, we have graduates and a medical doctor in our family.

While working in Shell

I had some experiences that were life-changing. They are many. I will share one that  I believe has great lessons. While working in Shell  I had three senior staff reporting directly to me as HSE Manager. One was a white man and the second one  was a Nigerian. My bosses were disappointed with the white man’s reckless lifestyle in the Hotel where he was accommodated. They requested me to write a report that he was not performing his job so they can disengage him based on my report. I refused and insisted that they should tell him the actual reason they were sacking him. They later sacked him and were not happy with me. This made them transfer me to another job from which I voluntarily retired in 2008. On my new job I had no problem and had job satisfaction until I retired. Since then, my colleagues have had great respect for me and always remember me as a principled man.

Not a self-made man

My success was God-made. He positioned mentors at every level of success I achieved because he used them to inspire me to success. The first person was my father, who trained me to become a  graduate. The second person was Dr. Okwuraiwe,   Chief Scientific Officer in NAFDAC. He encouraged me to go for my M.Sc. He helped me to gain study leave with pay thereby making it possible for me to accomplish my M.Sc and Ph.D while my two-year study leave lasted. The third mentor was my academic supervisor, Professor CTI Odu,who died in 2013. Professor Odu was really the one who brought me into the Environmental profession. He exposed me to oil industry environmental studies while I was doing my Ph.D. and after my graduation, I was able to scale through an aptitude test and oral interview to be employed by Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, Port Harcourt.  I cannot pretend that I am a self-made man. God placed these people on my way to encourage me to work very hard to be able to  achieve success.

Foremost Environmental Scientists

I am one of the foremost Environmental Scientists in Nigeria. I was born to the late Elder and Deaconess Isinguzo in Ikwuano, Local Government Area, LGA, of Abia State.  I was educated at St Silas Primary School, Old Umuahia. I attended secondary school at Government College Umuahia and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka  where I obtained Bsc honours degree in Microbiology. I did the National Youth Service Corps,NYSC, scheme  in Minna and worked briefly in National Agency for Food Drug Administration, NAFDAC, as a Food and Drug Inspector and later as Drug Analyst. I left for the University of Ibadan where I obtained MSc in Soil Science and Ph.D. in Agronomy.  I joined Shell Petroleum Development Company in 1988 as Head of Pollution Prevention Department. I held positions as Head, Environmental Audit, Head Technical Support and Head Special Studies Department. I finally became Head, HSE Offshore Operations, Bonga, and Bonga Southwest Liaison Manager. I voluntarily retired in August 2008. I represented Shell on National Assembly Environmental (Oil Pollution) matters. I was also the General Secretary of Shell Branch of  Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association,PENGASSAN. I retired from SNEPCo in 2008 and I am currently the MD/CEO of DOTECON Nigeria Limited, a company providing environmental, health and safety consultancy services.

All my relationships

There are many principles with which a man can become successful. My first principle is do unto others what you will want them to do unto you. This attitude makes me do only the things I expect people to do to me. These include loving people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, social status, and background among others. This makes me very friendly to people and I avoid making enemies.

The second principle is having respect for others. This involves putting myself in other peoples’ shoes before making decisions or judging them. I learnt something in life that helped me a lot. That thing is the meaning of the word think. In all my relationships with people, I found out that communication is important. Therefore,  before I respond to peoples’ actions, I think.  The letter T in think stands for truth, H stands for helpful, I stands for inspiration, N stands for necessary and K stands for kindness. I always think of how I respond and ask questions. Since I learnt this and have been applying it, my life and health have been prospering.

Successful career in Shell

After a successful career in Shell, I lectured briefly at Enugu State University of Science and Technology before becoming the MD/CEO of DOTECON Nigeria Limited. DOTECON  is a consultancy group in Health, Safety, and Environment. As the Managing Director of DOTECON, I assisted the National Enviromental Standards Regulation Agency ,NESREA, in developing the National Environmental regulations and completed a waste to wealth demonstration project for NESREA.  I championed dozens of Enviromental Impact Assesment, EIA, studies and Environmental Audits for Oil companies, Telecommunication companies, agro-based industries, construction companies and energy solution companies. I also executed projects for Oil companies in Nigeria and overseas.

I did jobs for companies like Petrenel UK and United Nations Development Project, UNDP.

As one of the foremost Bio-remediation specialists in Nigeria. I was Chairman of Nigerian Environmental Society, Lagos Island Chapter.

I am a Fellow of Nigerian Environmental Society, NES. I have presented papers on environmental issues at national and international conferences. I have many publications in conference proceedings and journals.

Pacesetter for my generation

I believe God made me a pacesetter for my generation. As the second son in my family, I was the first to get a Ph.D. in my community thereby inspiring many young graduates in my community.

As a young staff in NAFDAC, I was the first to start a Master’s programme and returned with a Ph.D. within two years.  In SPDC, I was the first environmental staff who had a Ph.D. Professionally, I have remained one of the foremost practising Environmental Scientists helping both public and private corporations to initiate, develop and establish environmental policies, guidelines and certification. Everything I achieved is by God’s grace not really on my own. I believe that it is God’s purpose for my generation.



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