March 28, 2018

German barracks renamed after soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2011

A German military barracks on Wednesday renamed a military barrack after a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, the first time such a facility was renamed for a Bundeswehr soldier killed overseas.

Formerly named the Emmich-Cambrai barracks, the order signed by Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen renames the Hanover facility after Tobias Lagenstein.

“Tobias Lagenstein will stay a part of the Bundeswehr, among his comrades,’’ von der Leyen said during the ceremony.

The official name is the Hauptfeldwebel-Lagenstein barracks, Hauptfeldwebel is the German for sergeant major.

Lagenstein, who was once stationed in Hanover, died in a 2011 attack in Afghanistan.

The old name referenced Prussian general Otto von Emmich (1846-1915) and the French city of Cambrai, which was occupied by German troops during World War I.