March 11, 2018

I can dance to become Nigeria’s first female President – Chilly B

I can dance  to become  Nigeria’s  first female  President  – Chilly B

Chilly B

By Ayo Onikoyi

Rap artiste, known as Chilly B, born Chichi Amadi Moses is fast winning many hearts, at least, of those who love rap music, spruced with some electrifying sensual dance steps. In a chat with Potpourri, the curvy rap queen, as she describes herself, declares that she could be the first female President of Nigeria if dance were one of the criteria for picking a President.

Chilly B

“ I’m not trying to flatter myself or anyone but I am an extremely good dancer,” she declares with a sense of pride. “Talk of any kind of dance, belly dance, hip hop or what have you, I am very good. If dancing is one of the criteria used in picking Nigeria’s Presidents, I would have become the first female President of Nigeria. I have been able to rise to prominence basically because of my dancing and I have been lucky no form of harassment has come my way,” she says.

One look at her Instagram account affirms her statement. It is no fluke as her page is replete with video posts of her dancing, mostly twerking videos which attract all sorts of comments. Chilly B shares an experience where a follower trolled her for posting only twerking videos, saying it hasn’t got her anywhere.

“It was very depressing. He said with all the big bum I was showing off I couldn’t even get a Senator to sponsor my music and said I should stop showing them bum bum. Another told me: ` Chilly give us good music or freestyle, we are tired of your big bum’. For days it got to me but then I remembered I am a Queen and shoved it off by posting more videos. My last video surprisingly got over 30,000 views,” she quips.

Chilly B also discloses that rap is the love of her life and it is the big reason she hasn’t been taking offers from Nollywood seriously.

“I have had offers from Nollywood but rap is the love of my life. I have three singles and a video and I also did the cover of Olamide’s ‘Who You Epp” song,” she adds.