By Vera Anyagafu

China has said that Africa remains pivotal especially in the goal of advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, President Xi Jinping has said. President Xi also said that Africa remains China’s foremost partner in its quest to build a global community with a shared future.

Chinese President Xi Jin ping

He said in the new era and focus on jointly turning China and Africa into a community with a shared future and, as well as in advancing the Belt and Road  Initiative, that China and African countries will align the Belt and Road Initiative with the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the development strategies to boost China-Africa cooperation to greater heights.

According to President Xi, “China and Africa remains friends tested by adversity. The profound friendship between China and Africa will remain unbreakable no matter how the world may change or others may say. As Africa’s brother and partner, China will always attach particular importance to the needs and interests of African countries. Africa is an indispensable partner in China’s endeavor to build a global community with a shared future. ”

He also pointed out that the upcoming China-Africa Cooperation summit, scheduled to hold September, 2018, in Beijing, will bring together Chinese and African leaders once again to deliberate China-Africa cooperation.

Corroborating the president, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said, to this end, that China’s foreign policy becomes imperative because “the world is at a crucial stage of evolving international landscape and shifting balance of power as well as facing growing destabilizing and uncertain factors and new issues and challenges on multiple fronts.”

He said this at the First Session of the Thirteenth National Congress of China, held March 8, 2018, with theme, China’s Foreign Policies and External Relations.

According to him, “In the past five years, China implemented the new thinking ,new idea and new measures of diplomacy put forward by President Xi Jinping and by taking active, innovative and pioneering steps, quite a few breakthroughs and important headways in the diplomatic field have been made,”

“Being the chief architect of China’s distinctive major-country diplomacy and chief diplomat of China, President Xi Jinping emphasized that China will work with other countries to foster a new form of international relations and building a community with a shared future for mankind which is the aim of China’s major-country diplomacy in the new era”, Wang said.

Also speaking, the Consul General, Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China in Lagos, Chao  Xiaoliang,   said the important visits and meetings have deepened the world’s understanding of China, enhanced China’s profile and influence and have facilitated many global issues.

Consul General, Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China in Lagos, Chao  Xiaoliang
Consul General, Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China in Lagos, Chao  Xiaoliang

“China has come to the fore in championing global governance, free trade and open global economy. At present, China contributes more than 30% of global economy growth, accounts for 70% of global poverty alleviation, being the largest source of peacekeeping personnel and the second largest contributor to the UN peacekeeping budget.

“The Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) has been translated from an concept into real action and progress on the ground. BRI follows the “Golden Rule” of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. More than 80 countries and international organizations have signed BRI agreements with China. A large number of BRI projects are underway and adding needed momentum to the economic and social development of China’s partners”, Xiaoliang added.





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